Wednesday, November 4, 2009


There is
no such thing
as others.
They are all
Reflections of the Self.

How long do you think a man would survive living in a society that never even batted an eyelash when one of its' own is killed?

A crisis is
something that happens.
You cannot
a crisis.

Survival means nothing
to the indestructible.

A rich man
is not free.
He is a
of his wealth.

What would create the most fear?
The fear of dying is the fact.
That you were not born,
therefore, you cannot die,
& you will not be the person
you believe your self to be.

People will kill
for their ideas
that were
given to them
by their Society
and their Culture.

I will never
bring up
the subject
of spirituality.
I simply appear in your life.

You can't have
a movie without
characters, can you?