Saturday, November 28, 2009


You don't have to live in a city to learn.
I attained everything, sitting on my own
in the Outback of Australia.
I had no TV or Radio, yet I knew
everything that was
going on in the world.

It's either acceptable or not. If it's acceptable then you're a victim and you go through whatever compromises or adjustments you have to. There are no options or delusional choices in not-acceptable. Not-acceptable is prepared to die.

motivates the ignorant.
motivates the enlightened.

What can anybody say when they hear the Truth? If you insult the Truth when you're in the company of the Truth, then you're dead. No one yet has succeeded in challenging the Truth and lived to tell the tale.

From the standpoint of
how much time you have left,
the shortest, fastest,
most direct way is the best.

Had I have found another way,
I would have been only to willing
to share it with you

If you don't have much
light in your mind
then you're not too bright.

Successful plants have deep roots.
I have no roots in the world.
That's why I never had any success in it.

If I'm not a success at it
then what use is it to me?

I successfully
destroy ignorance
wherever I find it.

I know very little ~ but I know it well!