Friday, May 20, 2011


There is acceptable
& not-acceptable.
If it's acceptable,
that's alright.
If it's not, then
something else
has to happen.

There is nothing
wrong with anyone.
You are perfect
as you are.

If you want world peace,
it's easy;
find out
what's disturbing it
and get rid of it.

Praying for peace will
not bring about peace.
It can only lead you
to the disturbances.

There are 65 billion people on this Planet. Question: How many pray for peace and how many pray for war? Just as a man of peace will not pray for war, the reverse is applicable.

What use
is the information
if you're not going
to act on it?

The world
doesn't need saving.
Save yourself.
Sit back,
relax &
watch the show.

The depth
of a man's love
is relative to
the amount of fear
he lives with.

You can't have
your cake & eat it.

A dog cannot
have two masters.

It's either

Destruction of ignorance
is the medicine.
Take it and live
a healthy & happy life.