Saturday, May 21, 2011


If you want
a relationship
with someone,
use their name.

It's all practice.
No matter what
happens in life,
maintain stability
or else you'll sink.

There is only a need
for man-made laws
when one doesn't
follow God's laws.

When politics
divide people,
they are conquered.

You are your own last hope.
If you live in hope
then you will die in hope.

F^ck fantasy & dreams.
I'll take my
chances with reality.

There is
no identity
without a head.

People need peoples attention
because it gives them a sense of reality.

If you take
your attention
off of God,
then you
don't really exist.

God & existence
are inseparable

Everyone knows God.
You may not like Him;
no one is forcing you to.

All those who say
they don't
believe in God,
you can only
believe in what you know.

If you've never heard of God,
how can you say. 'I don't believe in Him.'

See God in yourself &
re-cog-nize who you are.

You can't say
you don't like mince pies
if you've never had one.
You can't say
you don't believe in Astrology
unless you've studied it.

Next time someone tells you,
'I don't believe in ghosts',
ask them when they last saw one.

If you see something
beyond your imagination,
generally speaking,
you will hear these words,
'I don't believe it!'

How can you deny
what is beyond
your imagination?

Life-supporting desires
manifest very quickly.

Love has the most power.
There's a little bit
of it in everyone.
Don't try to save the world,
save your own little bit.

Love is
a state of Being,
not something you
barter at the market.

Peace will come
after Nuclear warfare.
There won't be
many left to disturb it.


The new never comes
until the old is gone.

There's a big difference
between fear & curiosity.
Which camp are you in?
Fear is of the unknown,
curiosity is of the known.

The less illusions you have
the less pain you're going to feel.

Only the ignorant
get bored.

Selfish people
don't experience
the joy of gratitude.

How can you feel gratitude
if you don't express it?

People who live
in shallow waters
live shallow lives.