Saturday, February 4, 2012



His heart
gets hurt & wounded
because his mind
wont protect it.

It's either good for all
or good for nothing.

I support
Brutal Honesty
whenever I find it.

I destroy
on contact.

No one
at me

I am the head of the Universal University. Anyone is welcome. No charge. You too can be the God of Death. When you die, it's considered a success.

I can do it,
so can you!

How can you expect others
to see what you can't?

At the auction, I bid on the tiniest bit of success. I once found a thimbleful. It turned out to be a universe.

The purpose of Mantra:
To keep the mind focused.

Whatever keeps
your mind

The blind
are not
by what they see.

Better look after
the light in the lighthouse
lest you run aground.

They are not humans
so they have no regard
for humanity.

Collateral damage
does not cut
the cake.

They have a good sense of humor,
the Australian Aborigines.
They'd have to,
to survive
for so long.

To always know where home is,
anytime, night or day.
And if you don't,
one could say,
you were lost.

I never liked
conning myself
for any reason.