Monday, June 18, 2012



When you
find something
within yourself
that never changes,
you've found Reality.

The world
comes into being
with its own history.

By my presence I give reality
to the good man & also to the bad man.

When I drop out
of the equation
all existence ceases.

Don't expect it to stop
while you're still
adding to it.

is a carrot.
of ignorance
is the fact.

I destroy ignorance
just by being alive.

How can you
help another
when you
cannot even
help yourself?

A barren woman & a castrated man
are useless for breeding.
That is the result of debt.

Feeling sorry
for someone
doesn't help them.
It just drags them
further down &
you along with them.

Working with power
means keeping
out of the way
lest ye get burnt.

People walk around with a head-full of knowledge to make themselves appear intelligent but they don't apply it in their life.

You can't
the Truth;
that's why
it's true.

There is only one Truth.
Everyone perceives it
through their limitations.

I once told a man that I AM Shiva, the Destroyer of Ignorance. "Oh", he said, as his eyes widened. "Do you doubt me?", I asked. "No".,said he. "It's probably my lack of vision that I cannot perceive you as such."

How can you give to another
what you can't give to yourself?

There is only one Reality
& everyone has their own
distorted view of it.

The mind can
wander all it likes,
it will never be content
until it finds home,
until you introduce
it to the Source.

If you can't
imagine change,
don't worry.
The unimaginable
will help you out.

Once you know
you are not who
you think you are,
that's it;
life gets