Saturday, June 30, 2012



that is alive
is connected.

you do
to others,
good or bad,
will affect
the quality
of your life.

An idea explodes on the surface like a volcano. Most peoples 'volcanos' are dormant but one day they will erupt.

The smoke
has to clear
before one can
see it.

From dormant to active
there is violence.

Once activated
you're on your
way home.

Manifest to unmanifest,
that's the circle of life.
The unmanifested
gives you the experience of it
and the benefit of it.
The manifested can only
give you the benefits,

Sleep is the
thief in the night.
While you are asleep
he steals your world.

No instruction book & no guarantees;
why would you do it? In your right mind, you wouldn't.
A man in his right mind wouldn't do it,
but once he's done it he spends his whole life
following instructions & looking for guarantees.
By the way, don't walk on the newly-seeded grass.

I don't follow
Societies signs,
I follow my own.
My signs look after me
& keep me out of trouble.

It is now
big business
to keep people
in a state of fear.