Wednesday, December 25, 2013



I've been
living the
for 65 years.

I tried imagination
but it very rarely happened.

If you don't have the power
to change things then
you'll have to trust
that everything will be well.
Even in enlightened societies shit happens.

Positive emotions
are their own reward.

All sting could do was
put a 'messge in a bottle'.
I put it on my forehead!

How can you do
for another
what you haven't done
for yourself?

All you can really do
to help is to see the
best in everyone.
That will bring out
the best in you.

What one sees
in others is
within ourselves.
It is a reflection
of something within.

What you
give to others
you get to


What is time?
Time is an agreed to
'span of nothingness'.

People don't
live on the Earth
they live on concrete.

I live a life of abundance
without waste.

If you cant
separate from it
then you'll
have to
transcend it.

I have lived many,
many lifetimes
in this one life and
I haven't finished yet.

If you don't want to be afraid of the unknown, then get familiar with it. Put all your belief systems aside for a while, even for a few moments, & I will introduce you.

He couldn't change things,
but that didn't mean that
he had to participate.

Your 'there' is not quite 'there', therefore, stick at it. I have great confidence in you. I was like you and you will be like me, in spite of yourself.