Friday, December 27, 2013


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When nuclear war happens,
everyone will be bald & toothless
just like me!
My madness
will cure
your madness.

How can you get free of something
when you don't know how it works the mind.

Certain things
go with
certain characters.

With an unknown factor
there is no way of knowing.
You cannot know the unknown.
You can only be it.

You cannot have a global economy
without thinking about everyone
else in the world.

I used to sit in meditation and
watch the sparks shooting out
of the top of my head.

Without a man there
to know it, there is
nothing to know.

Everything you take out
of the Earth is going to
change the Earth.

Without the I AM
there is no Universe.

When one serves the situation
they are free already.
Anything less is boring.

Americas' downfall is that it has never learned to serve. When service is not respected then a state of slavery exists. A society that sees service as a weakness can not survive & that is why imperialist countries crumble, there never has been one that hasn't!

I do what
the situation demands,
what it commands.

If you're having a problem with your mind, put it on a leash and train it. Once you believe you've trained it well enough, let it off the lead. Command it to come back. If it doesn't - You're free of it!

I don't play winners & losers.

Everything talks
but can you
hear it?

Control freaks
don't laugh a lot!