Thursday, May 15, 2014


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Everything you need
is on my forehead
but I cannot
do it for you.

It is

The Soul wanders aimlessly
around the world,
searching for happiness.
But where does it come from?
Where is home?

The only way to be
in complete control
is through

What you are not aware of
is choosing for you.

An ignorant man is controlled
through his 'wants' & desires,
therefore there is
no such thing as choice.
It is a completely false idea
that is used for
control & manipulation.

If everyone, en masse, turned the TV off,
nothing would be impossible to accomplish,
including getting your country back.

I am giving
the benefit
of my life.

A riddle:
The point is in time,
not of time.
The point is on one side,
the I is on the other.

Weakness of character
is not acceptable.

Once America goes broke
there will be no such thing
as 'the poor'.

Only people
with True Vision
can laugh about
the world &
its drama.


You leave
the delusion
to go
into the light.
You can't
take delusion
with you.

If you really want
to go to heaven,
do it now!
Don't wait!
Don't waste
a minute!

Do you know
apart from
the mind/body
person you believe
to be?

I have a great relationship with God and I've had a great many battles with Him, yet, never once did He tell me that I am a sinner. I tried to convince him of that and lost the battle.

lived through memories,
is not living.

A man with a big mouth
& an undisciplined tongue
does not experience the silence.

Banks have no power without your money.
Banks fund wars with your money.

Only I am qualified
to manage my own
financial life.
No one else has
my welfare at heart
like I do.

If you don't feel
the pain of humanity,
then don't kid yourself
that you are living
the good life.

It's not the quantity
of information that you get,
it's the quality.

It's quite a
to manifest love
at every opportunity.

Trust comes before believing.
If you don't trust yourself
then how can you trust
the one who is giving you
the information?

God & the postman
are non-different.
Do you ever doubt that
he won't deliver your mail,
if you have any?

A study of the government will tell you what the people are like. The people and the government are reflections of each other. The government comes out of the people.

Complainers never take care of their problems, otherwise they'd have nothing to complain about. Take care of the problem ~ the complainer and the complaint will dissolve. They appear and disappear together.

Take care of the violence
that you harbor in your heart
& there will be no such thing as war.

The Golden Rule for a successful life is;
Whatever disturbs your peace, get rid of it.

'How bad does it have to get'? Did you ever ask yourself that question? I asked myself that question at 4 years of age. My security was taken away in the span of a sentence. The foundation of life was ripped from beneath me.

Insecure societies
are well-armed.

As the changeable, insecurity will be your natural state.
To the Unchangeable, there is no such thing as fear.

Once you realize that
change is an illusion
you become
ageless & timeless.


Should you value your privacy,
don't tell anyone about yourself.

That's the message isn't it?
The faster you learn to speak
the faster you get what
you want. Ask any well-spoken person.