Saturday, May 31, 2014



The Guru brings out
the love in everyone.
It's in there.
It can't be put in there.

It is everyones' duty
to manifest Heaven on Earth.

People who are full with love
are not disposed to fear.
They laugh in the face of it.

You can only imagine the known.
The unknown is unimaginable.

To get free
of something
one has to
in it.

The candle gives light
at its own expense.

People with
no inner light
live in dark days.

A committed man
lives a dangerous life.
He has no options or choices.

A wise man
does the

are for

What you are
not aware of
is choosing
for you
all the

Without collective thinking;
there is no such thing as service.

I surrendered
my life
to humanity.

The ultimate way
to use power
is not to.

Only fearless beings
are interested
in the unknown.

Everyone who meets me
is faced with the Truth.

There is no such thing
as a country without a society,
otherwise it's just land.

As long as you are breathing
you are always close to home.

For those who
don't know
where home is;
there is no hope.

When there is no food left
all you'll be left with
will be the chemicals.

The more chemicals
the less food.

If your voice
isn't musical,
don't disturb
the Silence.

is based
on Time.

Without fruit there won't be any
partridge in a pear tree.
The song will go,
"and a partridge in a bare tree."

If you don't know
what gratitude is
you can't play that game.

The work cannot happen
without a quiet mind.

Like anything,
once you stop chasing it,
it will come to you.

What's your is yours
and always will be yours.
What's not is not
& never will be.
Why worry, Yorky mate.

The mechanics
of consciousness
& how the mind works.

It's not possible to get free
from what you're not aware of.
That's where suffering comes in.

Stay in the silence.
Don't come out.

The safest place
is in the silence.

Arrogance says, "I know"
& will not ask.
Humility says, "I don't know"
& therefore asks.

What effect
are you going to cause,
out of ignorance?