Saturday, May 3, 2014



I AM a bit of a curmudgeon so I tattooed the Truth on my forehead to insure people would stay away from me. I tattooed the Truth on my forehead so I wouldn't have to give lectures. The Truth is so simple it fit. It has been said, 'And the Truth shall set you free.' I can attest to that. When I tattooed the mantras on my forehead people shunned me like the plague. My loss became my gain.

The blatant lies a man tells himself
causes him to believe propaganda.
When the propaganda becomes bigger
than the mans' lies, he will wake up!


Why do it the hard way
when you can do it the easy way,
as long as it produces the same results.

If I am nothing
I can imagine,
Who am I?

Life creates characters.
Easy life, weak character.

Nothing you can
acquire or lose,
in the world,
is worth
the heart.

Once you comprehend deeply that Perfection includes imperfection then where is the need to change anything? It it needs changing Perfection will change it. You say God is Perfection. If that is so, how can you see yourself as imperfect? Perfection can only create its' nature.

Once you know you can do it,
what are you waiting for?

Truth is beyond speaking & thinking.
One can only express it in the silence.

That's true charity work
when no one knows.

How many people are
going to see destruction
as beneficial?
That being the case;
it's necessary.

The necessaries are a given;
they come with the body.
If you want more than that
then the necessaries won't support you.
Necessaries are found in the basics.

Someone once told me that
I was a good person.
I informed him, "I am not a person."
"Why do you say that?" was his reply.
"I don't have a TV!", said I

does not

What good can come
of eating cows?

Great questions lead you
to the Silence.
That's the only answer.

When you get the answer
there'll be no more questions.

If you can't retain the Silence
wherever you are; what use is it?


is a disease -
It's catching.

Waiting &
waiting &
for nothing
in particular.

Armageddon has already happened.
The results are all around you.