Saturday, July 19, 2008


Whatever you don't understand,
you are a prisoner of.

Life creates a body and
then it resides within it.
It is then activated by residence.

A vacant houses has no lights going. Once life exits the body it means that there is nothing left worthwhile to live on.

You can go down the tube
knowing or not knowing ~
either way, it doesn't matter.

more violence.

Time has now run out for people on this planet. Unconditioned love is now manifesting. Do not let anyone tell you that this is a war with good & evil. This war is called survival of the fittest. It has nothing to do with exercising at a trendy gym. This is not 'fake it till you make it'. You either survive or you don't.

The amount of time that people in this society have to live is in direct proportion to the amount of garbage you create.

When a man stuffs himself with food. When he goes to the toilet he dumps his crap. Societies that consume things are no different. The senses consume, the psyche craps.
Have you ever stopped to wonder where it all goes? Wherever it is, it's almost full.