Monday, July 14, 2008


You have the power to stand for it or not. I stand for the destruction of ignorance in whatever shape and form it takes.
I know no other way.
I am not programmed.
I have always been like this.

Once you've done your best,
if you don't get the desired result,
all you can do is move on.

Once you stop desiring results, then there is no need to do your best. You, yourself will be the end result - which is what you were before you went to sleep.

Wake up and smell the roses. That's what they're there for. Nature is so supremely intelligent and kind to the rose that she surrounded her with thorns for her protection.

Have you ever heard the 'pop' of a daffodils' stem as it's picked? It's the air, trapped in the stalk.

Live and let live.

Do no harm.

America will never be invaded
while there is electricity.

True happiness in incredibly intense. Are you really sure you want it? After all, it is there for the taking (when you so decide.)

In order to fully appreciate
the beauty of the desert,
you have to live in it.

There is no solution
save total destruction.