Thursday, July 10, 2008


What life offered me
was unacceptable.
I'll take my chances
with the unknown.
My loss - my gain.

Improving oneself is total fantasy.
Anyway, before you can even get
that far, you have to disprove yourself.

Those who have pain in their lives either live their whole life in a drugged-out state or go beyond the body.

Roles are non-different than habits.

If there are no characters
left on the stage, what will
you identify with?

Once you've got your
own attention, many
many wonderful things
can happen.

'It' implies that
there is something

There are certain things
in life that one cannot
have until they give something up.

I truly want the best for everyone!

You don't go against your own good.

In a neurotic society, thieves steal Rolexes, laptops, anything they can get hold of. As society goes further and further down the tube there won't be any toys left to steal. Doesn't mean that that there won't be any thieves. Whatever you have left, meaning your food and water supply. You can live without your Rolex, etc. (I'll let you take the next step.)