Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I AM the Light.
I AM the Truth.
I AM the Way.
I AM one of you,
no better, no worse.

If you live in hope,
you will die in hope.

What are you going to do
when you find out
there is no hope?

Once the illusion of hope is over,
the violence will come out.

To have a massive military
you have to have
a massive economy.
Once the economy goes down the tube
What will happen to the military??

The devil wears a suit & tie!

It's what one does for the rest of their life. But first - commitment. All else falls into place automatically.

In order to commit,
one has to notice.

You can stop it, anytime you want,
by not participating.
If you participate in it
you become part of the problem.

Our 'designer' society
is about to be 're-designed.

Once you've got nothing left to lose,
(it's not a communicable experience.)
To communicate an experience, you need a mind.
Once you have nothing left to lose -
the mind stops.

I AM the voice of the people.
I reside in each and every one of you.

How do you play the game? You need a stick with a long leather thong tied to the end. Then you need a wooden cone, grooved around the circumference and a small tack in the end of the cone. Wrap the thong around the wooden cone top. then whip it. The more you whip it the faster it goes.

It is the false notion
of ownership
that spins the mind
like a childs' top.

Monday, September 29, 2008


It comes down to
'a man who has done his work'
and 'a man who hasn't done his work.'
There will be no mistakes.

Running away from ones' fears
takes much more energy than
turning around to face them.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I want to populate
my world with love.
Why should I join
your world of

The black slave
wears leg irons.
A white slave
wears gold chains
around his neck.

Friday, September 26, 2008


When the music stops
there's no more

Everyone who lives in a society
has a duty not to add to the
Fail at that duty and even
bigger problems come.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


What great men do
small men follow.

Great men do the right thing.
That's what makes them great.

Notice my language is simple and child-like. It is designed to help you, not confuse you. Although my words are simple, a complicated mind will not be able to comprehend them.

There is no such thing
as over-simplification.

For an experiment to succeed,
the timing has to be right.

To prisoners of time; time dictates what time you get up and what time you go to bed. Time dictates all of your actions.

A timeless beings is not bound by time. He is not a prisoner of time; yet at the same time, he can live and work among you. He could ask you what time it is and you still wouldn't recognize him. He comes here and lives among you, knowing fully the pain and misery he is going to experience. He do this for your upliftment. Never will he introduce a conversation about spirituality. In fact, he is so grounded, if asked, you would say he is not spiritual.

A timeless being
is an incarnation
of compassion.

This Planet, Earth,
is made up of 4 basic elements;
Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
Man's body comes out of the Planet.

Do not expect the Earth
to support you
in your hour of need.

Whatever is going to happen
is going to happen.
The only thing that you have,
that is worth anything,
is your attitude

I am a water adept.
I have the power to lead you to the water but I cannot force to drink. That has to come from your thirst.

There is
no end

What's it going to take?

Mans' greed for power
will be his downfall.

The TV is a programming tool.
Televisions and programming
are inseparable.
You are programmed
to watch the programs.

Introduce the mind
to the ultimate
and it will always
return to it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The unimaginable is the unknown.
You can only know it in terms of
past tense. You can only imagine
it once it has happened.
By that time it is too late.


It's easier to maintain your rights
than get them back, once they've been stolen.

Once America is invaded by a foreign military, (and it is coming), everyone will get to experience what it's like to live on a battlefield.

All the civilians that have been killed in Iraq, (and numerous other countries) have been reduced to 'collateral damage', (which means no more than a nuisance!) You will get to experience, first hand, what 'collateral damage' looks like.

Even the weakest man
will stand up and fight
once he has nothing
left to lose.

How much do you have left to lose?
(That's how close we are.)

Why should I participate in a world with so much violence in it? To participate I would have to commit violence or have it inflicted upon me. I REFUSE!

I have food.
I have clothing.
I have a roof over my head
and I have water;
the basics.
Everything else is neurotic.


What is about to happen,
on this Planet,
can not be stopped.
It's too late!

Better start researching
The Great Depression.
Find out how people survived it.

History (old-propaganda) has a
habit of repeating.
Whatever worked before
will work again
(until it is stopped).

In order to stop something,
action is required,
before the disaster!

As the 'Universal Witness'
I control everything.

There is
no Universe

Absolute power
corrupts absolutely
is a crock.
There is no such
thing as
Absolute power.
Beyond the mind
lies the Absolute.

Go beyond the mind
and merge the limited
into the unlimited.

From the standpoint of a man,
in the world,
there is only
limited power.

For the man who
has no control
over his mind and tongue;
then he is merely dreaming of power.

What kind of power are you interested in? The power to get or the power to give up? The only power worth attaining in this world is the Power of Love.

True power manifests as 'Gurus Grace'.
It is open and available to everyone.

Limited power rots a mans mind.
What use is that to me.

To the man trapped in the world,
chasing endless desires;
You are no more than a
hamster on a wheel.

Desires fulfilled
can only breed
more desires.

A fart in a bottle
has more use than opinions.

If you don't feel it,
you don't know what
you are missing.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Lack of appreciation

How does a conditioned society
manifest unconditioned love
for each other?
(I'll give you a hint; There is no intellectual answer for that question.)

What do they call History?
What do they call News?

If you kill the messenger
because he brings you a bad message
then there will be no one left to deliver the good one.
(You'll be stuck for the rest of your life with a bad message!)

The Last Wave is coming.

Would you inflict as much misery & suffering
on your mother as you do to the Earth?
Well, guess what....

The unimaginable
is already manifesting
in a coherent fashion.

My coherence appears
as insanity to you.

If it hasn't occurred to you
that life is one breath,
then you are not going to make it.

My madness
will cure
your madness

What's life-supporting stays.
What isn't, goes.

Speaking on behalf of the Earth;
"I've had enough!"

If it's unimaginable, it's unwriteable and therefore, unspeakable.
(If you would like a glimpse of it -
read between these lines)

To teach a parrot to talk requires repetition.
If I have to tell you more than once
then you are no more than a parrot.

It's not possible
to control love.

Stop thinking about it.
(Unless you want to keep it going,
and if that's the case -
all I can say is
"Go for it!"

If the Mexican weeds your garden,
you're in big trouble.

Christ and the Anti-Christ
appear and disappear
'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.'

Saying 'sorry'
without compensation
is just lip service.

Let's get together
and have a party!
I have arrived and
I officially declare
the party - Open!
Let's get started!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


How could a liar
write a truthful

As Above
So Below.
If there is war on this Planet
then there is war in the heavens.

After everything I did
in my life
to attain realization,
I realized
there was nothing to realize.

It's a crying shame that
misery and disasters
unite people.

Love is
greatest uniter.

He may have a University degree
but don't assume he is intelligent.

In times of war
our children become
cannon fodder rather
than our saving grace.

What you see as valuable
determines your life.

If you see the trinkets of the world as valuable then don't waste your time listening to me. I am not here to convince you otherwise.

I can still laugh.
After 60 years of living
I have a great sense of humor.

Gratitude stops greed
from taking over ones life.

If you are not happy
with the world as you see it
then you have to put a stop to it.
The longer you leave it,
the harder it becomes.

The easiest way
to put a stop
to anything
is to withdraw
your belief in it.

Your belief
makes it
as real.

I care deeply about everyone and everything, therefore I am allowed to make jokes about it.

Once you have run out of things to talk about, then, and only then, will you take a look at it.


Refuse reality to the world
and you are free of it.
(but don't expect it to give you anything.)

The Grace of the Guru
is always flowing out to you.

The heart cannot beat
without feelings.

The Supreme Court is the only body
that can restore the Constitution.
The Supreme Court is the only one
that can save America.

Friday, September 19, 2008


When people become responsible for their actions they will have the power to respond appropriately to the Governments actions.

Know that the misery and suffering Society is about to experience is self-created through lack of discipline and love. There is no way out of this one. Everything will be put right. It is no good to cry, beg and say, "What have I done to deserve this!"

Life and love are very simple. You either deserve it or you don't. You can't have your cake and eat it. Make up your mind which one it will be. I am a reasonable man. I live my life based on facts. The fact is, through my actions ~ I deserve it. Good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative does not come into the equation. I deserve it ~ all of it. Can you say the same?

I just read a christian article which asked the question, 'Are you ready to die for what you believe in?' Have a good look at my photograph. Tattooed on my head is a foolproof Peace formula, I AM THAT I AM. I would love to see the whole of Society with their belief tattooed on their forehead. If you can't do that, why would you presume that you are ready to die for what you believe in? Again, I will repeat, (in no uncertain terms) an indisputable and non-negotiable fact. Unless you find out for yourself what you are willing to die for; what you imagine is living is simply a dream. The big, rude-of-awakening is upon us. There will be no mistakes.

Better to drown
in an ocean of love
than rot in the mire
of self-gratification.

Sex is the last thing
on a starving mans' mind.

Morally bankrupt societies
are doomed before they even
get off the starting block.

If you don't have the power to turn the TV off when it's being used against you, then you have no power at all. I can guarantee you this; were you to turn the TV off, en-masse, Martial Law would be declared within 24 hours and laws would be instituted to force you, if necessary with violence, to turn it back on.

In the beginning, a parasitical pusher will give you your drug of choice for free. Once you're hooked - you pay (a very high price).

Man's lust, desire and greed
for worldly objects
is his downfall.

Focus on what you do have. not what you don't have. It will contribute to your survival.

The greatest famine that has ever manifested on this planet, Earth, will take place right here in America.

Genetically Modified Food, obviously, genetically modifies the body. The body and its' health can only reflect what you put into it.

Rather than discussing whether Social Security is going to be available in another 30 years, it would be much wiser to discuss whether it is going to be available next week!

'I want' is the language of a doomed man. Ask yourself this question; What are you willing to give up, in order to survive? The answer to that question will dispel the ignorance and delusion between 'need' and 'want'.

'Have to' is a victim of self-created circumstances.

the man.

Man creates a Society
of like-minded beings.

To all the writers out there:
Do not call people 'sheeple' unless you have lived and worked with sheep for a goodly amount of your life. The fact is, I shore and worked with seep in the Outback of Australia for 18 years. I know the difference between people and 'sheeple'. 18 years of hard work and sweat has written the following verse;


I shore sheep in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Wales. I have seen the same actions in Aussies, Kiwis, Brits, Scots and the Welsh. I am highly qualified to speak on this subject. If you would like to debate me on this matter, come back after 18 years of sheep-shearing and I will make time for you.

This is a quote from a local newspaper in the Outback of Australia; 'Two men and a sheep-shearer were killed last night when the vehicle they were traveling in. ran off the road and crashed into a Box tree.'

For those of you have lived a life of privilege, your 'substance level' is below Zero. You will not survive. (If you're not sure whether you are privileged or not, then have a look how others are living. Haitian children are barely surviving on one small meal of rice every two days!)

20 years ago, I stated a fact which I now hear a few repeat; 'Rights are like muscles, use them or lose them.'

85% will face their demise
kicking and screaming.

I, in no way whatsoever, under any circumstances, support Saddam Husein's' actions. I, like many of you, saw a video of a rope put around his neck seconds before his death. He refused the hood, so his face was visible for all to see. You may sit at home, with your false security and laugh. After you have finished laughing, ask yourself this; "Would you maintain the same composure in the same position?" Find me one of your politicians who can match that composure under the same circumstances?

Every man dies how he lives. That is the law! A weak life can only manifest a weak death. A violent life can only manifest a violent death. A peaceful life manifests a peaceful death.

At the point of death, a mans' life flashes before his eye. Every single detail of his actions are revealed to him. (I know, I have experienced it.)

Rather than imagine that you are going to heaven when you die, better to deal with facts ~ your actions create your future.

As a child in the early 1950s', I remember my mother making an announcement to the family that she had decided to go to work, outside the home. My father went 'ballistic!' He said, "You're sabotaging the integrity of the family unit! I will end up the laughing stock of the whole village, They will say 'Old George' has failed in his duties - he can no longer provide adequately for his wife and children." He also said, "No good will ever come of this, wench!" (Needless to say, the family unit broke up not long after that)

The responsibility for our childrens' actions lies withing each and everyone of us. Failure to educate and discipline our children will result in our demise. Ignorance will be the death of you. The streets of our Society belong to the people. Use them or lose them. Get out of your car and try walking on them, unarmed, late at night. It will be good practice for what's coming. Martial law can only manifest in weak, undisciplined societies.

Repetition of the Truth is necessary until everyone is living it. At that point repetition is redundant. Once is enough! If you have to be told twice, you are not interested in your own welfare.


Feelings themselves
are a language.

The deeper you can feel
the more joy in your life
you can have.

It's not the part,
it's the quality
of the acting.

for one second
is too much.


If you have an addictive personality ~
that's great!
Get addicted to something
life supporting.

All shapes and forms of consciousness
are painful
Shapes and forms are held together by limitations.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The only way Society can survive now ~
Everyone has to be prepared to die,
in order to live.

Without the Mantra
there is no such thing
as common sense.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm prejudiced
against ignorance.

Truth is
proof of

You can't say that
the world is boring.

Maintain a sense of gratitude
by looking after what you've
already been given.

Our Society
is a
failed experiment.

Propaganda, lies & wars,
what's the difference?

Lying is an
act of violence.

Profit is a
form of violence.

One mans gain is
another mans loss.

A woman on the street, begging,
means a crime has been
committed against humanity.

I've always known
that competitiveness
is a form of weakness.
Now challenge that one!

Don't you dare tell me that you're human whilever we have homeless and hungry children on the planet!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Pluto is going to create
situations that bring peoples'
sickness to the surface.

Recognize you,
recognize me.
I come from the
silence to set
you free.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


What will happen on this Planet
is not within mans power
to insure his survival.

'Back to business as usual' is not
a formula for survival.

Survival, as always, is based on
'survival of the fittest.'

Survival and money
do not equate.
Many a rich man
has not survived.

Those who respond appropriately
will not have to suffer.

If you haven't been in the mans situation,
then you are not qualified to judge him.

'A jury of peers' means
the same consciousness
level of the accused.

When it's too late,
it doesn't matter
what you do or don't do -
it's too late!

When you've missed the last bus, whether you run, walk or crawl home doesn't make another bus come.

Mans' last hope is a quiet, disciplined mind; and you don't get that by 'hoping' for it.

Hope is
the first cousin
of chance.

One can run out of hope
as easily as wasting chances.

Lies are boring.
The Truth is interesting.

Look after the Planet
like you think it is dying.

Launched correctly,
a Boomerang doesn't have
a point of no return.

Every born citizen of this culture is a 'first responder' for the protection of his constitution. The 'second responders' cannot come into play before the first responder.

Hard physical work strengthens the constitution. There is no difference between the two.

Individual collective constitutions
create a cultural constitution.

Rather than arguing how long our Planet has been around, it would be more productive to discuss how much longer it will be around in its present shape and form.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Whether or not you are interested in my words is of no concern to me, as you will all be liberated from the known on your deathbed.

I am the most fortunate Being
on this Planet. I get to
express my full potential
24/7. It manifests as the
upliftment of Humanity.

I have been working in this culture for the past 20 years, uninterfered with; dismissed as 'different', therefore 'wrong'.

I manifest
my hearts

I do nothing
for myself
(as I am not a person.)

For those who think they might like to help me in my work, you are welcome. Simply open your heart and let me express myself in it.

If you believe you are
the performer of action
then it is easy -
dump all the unnecessary actions.

The world appears for my enjoyment,
and enjoy it I do.

The prostitute is there to remind the man who is in debt that he is non-different. Those who whore themselves out to their senses are nothing more than sluts.

Don't tell me about
your past lives
when you can't even
remember last week.

Once the birds in the sky have disappeared, man is doomed. (Ask the canary in the mine shaft.) And don't worry about the Bird Flu. They won't be around much anymore.

Just as the Neanderthal is dug up to find out what caused his demise, so will you be.

Mass famine
will chase away
the Prophet of Hope.

Live in hope
and you will
die in hope.

Everyone gets
what they can take
in life.

There is a pandemic of violence.

Killing is a pandemic.

Happiness and fear
cannot live
under the same roof.

Only a fearless man
can experience

If dark matter creates black holes,
gray matter must create aliens.

They put the TV on loudly
so they can't hear their mind churning.


The state of Enlightenment
demands responsibility.

expresses itself as
liberation from the known.

You are

The unknown
sets you
from the


In order
not to want to know
implies that
you know.

who I AM.

Friday, September 12, 2008


There will come a time
when no one cares about you-
then you will have to care
about yourself.

You can add numbers
for millions of years,
you'll still end up
with nothing.

There's nothing
to say, it's all
on my forehead.

Were you to know
what's waiting for you,
you wouldn't be
in so much of a hurry.

Running head first into a brick wall
is nothing in comparison
to living in the world
with no discipline.

It's Mercury that holds
the pictures together.

The Truth
is not

Who hurts most in water wars?
In water wars, he who is the furthest away from the source of water feels the hurt first. Should you not be able to understand what I am telling you, I'll put it in religious terms, "God is the source, the further you go away form the source, the more you will suffer."

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Photobucket Image Hosting
You can guarantee one thing;
living will be the death of you!

When you have
run out of time;
whatever side
you're on, you're on.

Control freaks
don't laugh.

Let go
and see
the humor in
everything -
even death.

The people who have failed in their duties will not survive. For the ones who have performed their duties they are already living in the new world.

There are
no mistakes.

There thou art.
and here I AM.

It is not
in my nature
to lie.

Necessary & unnecessary.

You've got to go back
to what you can remember
to come forward to
find out what you forgot.

Information & feeling,
commonly called relationships.

The more money you have
the more discipline you need.
If not, you end up in big trouble.

One has to go deeper,
beyond their hurt feelings.

is the order
of the day.

A new way
will have to be found
for Society to function
on every level.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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There is no fear in me.
How can there be with a
life like I've led?

It's a good man
who knows when
enough is enough.
(and lucky the society
that he lives in.)

In order to pick something up
you have to put something down.
Put falsehood down and pick up the TRUTH.

Only a disciplined man
has freedom.

Whatever any man does
affects the whole planet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Severing all of ones
attachments and relationships
is called death.
Great attachments
cause painful deaths.

Obedience starts
with the little things.

Monday, September 8, 2008


When the shit hits the fan I will be the richest man on the planet. I have what money can't buy.

The truth is the only catalyst
that will give you true freedom & security.

There is no security in an insecure world. You're wasting your time looking.
Looking for security in the world implies that you are riddled with fear.

Were it to be your own direct experience that the world is a reflection of yourself, the question of security would not arise in the first place.

In a dog-eat-dog society, have no fear that the top dogs will be running the show forever. At a certain point they will start fighting each other, as they are infected with the same disease, GREED.

You would not overload the hard drive of your computer with information, therefore why would you overload your mind with information? It takes up space and in this culture more than any other I hear the words, "You're in my space!" If you value your 'space' then dump the useless information.

Don't worry about being empty.
Emptiness manifests as wisdom.

Abuse your mind by not using it correctly, then the 'powers that be' will control it and use it against you.

in debt.

Integrity is everything.
Trust cannot be built without it.
(Trust has to be built on something!)

The power of Creation
comes from the Creator,
not the created.


PhotobucketRe-incarnation is for people who are afraid of death;
who want to maintain the status quo.
Incarnation is for the intelligent.

Life enters a shape & form,
sucks it dry
then exits.
where do you fit into the picture?

To have strength of character
one has to have a strong body.

If it's not grounded
it's no good to me.

The world is a bubble
that floats in the Universe of your mind.
If you want to go to 'heaven'
you have to burst the bubble.

True freedom
comes after the
'big bang'.

How much is it going to take to wake you up? If stabbing a man 42 times, on a Greyhound bus,cutting off his head and then eating parts of him - If that doesn't wake you up, what will?

A good Prophet
predicts the

To predict something
one has to pay

If you don't
need it,
why want it?
Want is a neurotic state.

Man acts according to his breeding which gives rise to his consciousness, hence good breeding is an asset for the continuation of man.

The 'dumbing down'
of your children
insures your demise.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Life itself shaped, formed & molded me
into what I am today.
Why would I allow
a debt-ridden plastic surgeon
to interfere with such
a beautiful creation?

I love myself in spite of
not because of.

We sin and cause others to suffer.
Others sin and cause us to suffer.

"Go to bed, you're grounded! You're not going out all week!"
"Why? What did I do wrong?"
"Then why am I grounded for a week?"
"Ask your sister!"
"Where is she?"
"In bed, grounded for a week."

There is no such thing as
separateness in humanity.

Humanity is one
that appears as many.

Appearances are deceptive.
Why would you expect them not to be?
After all, they are only appearances.

Nothing is
as it
to be.
You can take that one to the bank!
(Better do it now while there are such things)

We sin and cause others to suffer.
Others sin and cause us to suffer.
We are all strung on the same one breath!

From the standpoint of reality
there is no such thing as others.
Others implies ignorance and delusion.

The world you live in
is self-created.
If you don't like it,
rather than blame,
destroy it!

I AM because the world is.
The world is because I AM.
Go beyond one and you'll go beyond both.

Whatever you want to know
about the master.
ask the dog.
When the neighbors dog
shits on your lawn,
you'll have got the
message from the master.

If your dog wanders away from home
when you let it out,
guaranteed it's looking for love,
in a two-legged/four-legged shape and form.

In the Outback of Australia, a man was sent to participate in WWII. He was one of the first casualties. He died on the battlefield. His dog accompanied him to the train station when he left. Everyone in town knew the Bushman had been killed in battle. The only one who didn't know was his dog. The Bushman died on the battlefield; the dog died on the railway platform. The day the man left was the day the dog stopped eating. It only drank water till the day it died. (and you think you know something about love? What are you prepared to die for? What, in this big wide world do you believe in so much that you would prepare yourself to die for it?)

I have heard many people say 'God Bless America'.
I have yet to see hundreds of thousands of people
lining up to protect it.

The Lord giveth
and the Lord taketh!
I can give it
can you take it?

My writing style
is non-different
than my life-style.
I live it, therefore,
I am qualified
to write it.

A wealthy man once went to a therapist as he had some emotional problems. After listening to him for an hour, the therapist said, "It's obvious from what you're telling me, you need to do some house-cleaning." The rich man replied, "Then I've wasted my time and money coming to see you." "How do you arrive at that conclusion?" said the therapist. "Because I have a Mexican maid who comes and cleans for me every day."
The moral of the story is; once you know how to clean house you don't need a therapist. Ask the Mexican housekeeper if you don't believe me.

Charity is primarily
for the one giving it.
The one receiving it
is secondary.
Don't give in charity and
then claim it on your taxes
and then try to convince me
that you're a charitable man.


If it's not here & now
it's no good to me.
The promise of tomorrow
is no good tomorrow.
There is no such thing
as 'tomorrow' for a
man like me.
If it's not here & now
I don't need it.


I didn't set the rules;
that's just how it is.

Everything is both
true & false
at the same time.
False when you talk about it;
true when you don't.

Anything that's happened before
is part & parcel of the game.
Once it's over, the next part
of the game is 'back to business
as usual'.

'Thou shalt not steal'
stops you sabotaging
yourself and your society,
which are one and the same.

You pay

To live in Time
one has to live
according to the
laws of Time.

Whatever is born
will die.

Once one challenges the fear of death, they don't live in Time anymore. If you don't live in Time - you are dead, (take it from a deadman). Time is only one step in front of death. That's what death is. Rather than postpone the inevitable, why not make friends with it now? You may take a 'wonder drug' that will keep you alive for 250 years. At that point, you will be faced with death

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Information will make you a prisoner.
Knowledge will set you free.

If you want to find out
what you look like ~
Look into your mind!

There is no such thing as re-incarnation.
(It's a crock)
Now, incarnation is a horse of a
different color.

Life manifests
in many different
shapes & forms.

It freaks a Hindu out
to know that you eat cows,
just like it freaks you
out that Koreans eat dogs.

Don't claim to love animals
and then turn around and eat them.

Too much of everything
will make you old.

Everything has consciousness
because it is made of

There is no such thing as
consciousness without man.
There is no such thing as
man without consciousness.

Once a man appears and says I AM.

A man has to be there
to say I AM.

Without the military,
there is no such thing
as an American Culture!

You have to prepare
before the drought,
not after.

If you want to know where someone is from ask them their last name. My last name is OM. Where do I come from?


How many freedoms
have you lost
in the age of information?

Discipline is written all over my forehead.

It's only because you spend more time
in the day dream than you do in the night dream
that causes you to believe that the day dream
is more real than the night dream.
They are both only dreams.

You are nothing without your culture. Ask me about it, I know what I'm talking about. I went beyond culture.

If you only know yourself
as a person in the world
then read my words.

Once something happens that has never happened before, 'back to business' doesn't exist anymore. In my world it's called 'onwards & upwards - to business!

Anything that has happened before is part & parcel of the game. Once it's over, the next part of the game is 'back to business' as usual.

Once one knows;
it changes their relationship
with life.

(In actuality) you can't change life.
Life itself is unchangeable.

The great work, being a willing participant in the playing of a new game. This is my game; it's the only game where there are no winners & losers.

Give up
the lesser
for the