Sunday, November 30, 2008


Everyone is programmed
with the illusion that
they have a choice.
'New-Agers' even believe
that they chose to be born.
The biggest disaster
that could ever happen
and they chose it?

Pull this one,
it's got bells
on it.

Once someone lies to you
and you know they've lied
to you, how can you ever
trust them again?


Once you've lost it,
you have nothing to
fall back on.

Your future happiness
will depend on how
well-developed your
sense of humor is.

People who come out of
a hard-working life
have great senses of humor.

When one creates detachment,
correct decisions can be made.
Whilever you want something
out of the situation,
correct action is not possible.

How can one appreciate and live life to the fullest when they have no relationship with the Power of Words. It's called THE MATRIKA SHAKTI.

Words have much more power than man-made weapons. A sword cannot convince me to love; words can. I love words!

It's like pointing
something out
to a blind man.

I get more attention when you ignore me than when you give me recognition. It takes more energy to ignore me than it does to recognize me. I love it!

When you're flush with money, you manifest all the shit that money can by. When you're poor you manifest the qualities that money can't buy.

My guarantee to you is when the suffering gets great enough, the talking will stop and action will ensue. MEANINGFUL ACTION! (I am assuming that you mean to survive!)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


How come these days
lies are more believable
than the Truth?

is a false idea.
is where it's at.

You are not the 'doer'.
You are the 'done to'.

One day, you will find
what you never lost.

As a child, I hoped for a
store bought bow and arrow.
I never got one.
That was the day I was
done with hope.

Trust will
let you down.

Trust in

The conditions
that you grow up in,
conditions you.

When you tell me
that you love me;
don't be surprised
if I ask you,
"Under what conditions?"

Out of unconditioned love and compassion, a hunter will shoot a fox that is caught in a trap, to end its' suffering. Conditioned love will hook you up to a life-support-system and add to your suffering.

The Society that I grew up in
expressed the following;
"Sometimes you have to be cruel
to be kind."

Whatever sucks the life-force
in and out of the body,
is responsible
for everything.
(Including the world as you see it.)

Should you not trust my words and need proof then stop breathing for twenty five minutes, and we can have a chat about it. Otherwise, we will not be speaking the same language. Yours is a dream language, mine is the Universal Language. When you live in dreams, (the American dream) they are created and held together by a dream language.

dreams & fantasies.
It doesn't ask your permission.

The stone that flies off of a truck
and smashes your windscreen
doesn't ask your permission.
(It knows that you would refuse.)

People can only 'prattle on'
about what they're interested in.

A man who is experiencing (and living) the Truth, keeps it a very close secret. He doesn't talk about it nor does he lecture about it; neither does he attempt to convert people. He keeps quiet about it.

Once there is nothing
Sacred in a Society,
it is dead.

Truth is Sacred. Lose touch with it and you will no longer be able to distinguish between Truth and lies. The same applies to Life itself. When life is no longer upheld as Sacred, then life 'self-destructs'. No one can stop that process.

Somewhere in the Scriptures it says,
'And man shall destroy himself.'

The intent of any program
is designed to have you
think and act in a certain way.

There used to be a warning and a disclaimer on televisions. It read, 'Believing what you see and hear from this piece of equipment, you do so at your own risk. We will not be held accountable or liable.

is for the
survival of cultures.

Truth be known,
the corporations
of all Societies
are dependent on
the citizens.

That's where man falls down.
He abuses the innocent.

Innocence & Virtue
are manifestations
of a healthy Society.

The Universal Medicine
has arrived.

Once a group is programmed one way, they will fight against a group that has been programmed another way (for their survival.)


What you are about to witness has never before been experienced by anyone living. It's called a 'once-in-a-lifetime' event.

Friday, November 28, 2008


The less people have
the more they appreciate.

'More the merrier'

Don't tell me you can't
live without hope.
Of course you can,
when you've got trust.

As things get worse and worse
by the day. How long before you
run out of hope?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Are they your desires
or the corporations
Do you desire the
new sneakers or do the
corporations desire that
you buy the sneakers?

Consumers are people
who fulfill the desires
of the corporations.

Duality does not have
two separate goals.
It is in opposition to
the one goal.

War comes out of two people
fighting for the same thing.

The first sense
is common sense.
It comes with knowing
that we are not separate.

Actions show me
how much common sense
a society has.

One cannot progress to
the 'second sense' until
common sense is mastered.

In a society that
does not feel for
each other,
haven't obtained
common sense.

Man has no
anchor in life
without principles.
He gets tossed
around by the waves
and tossed onto rocks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am Self-Governed.
I do not need anyone
to tell me what's right
and what's wrong, what's
good and what's bad.

Perform life-enhancing actions,
you too will become Self-Governed.

If you want to live forever
you've got to make yourself
larger than life.

Words are strung
on the Prana Shakti
like beads.

When you don't know
the Mechanics of Consciousness,
you are a prisoner of it.

You can tell yourself all sorts of shit, as long as you don't believe it. As they say in the Bush, "This bastard believes his own bullshit!"

Scuba diving was never
the same to me
after I saw 'Jaws'!

There are two ways;
the Gurus' way
the hard way!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Staying open to the unknown
in life
is the formula
for living life to
its fullest.

Once you fill up
all your time,
you're out of it!

In my life,
anything that
isn't positive
gets the axe.


Monday, November 24, 2008


At the end of the day
everything exists
in the mind of man.

If you get what you hoped for,
hope no longer exists.

There is no need
for a way out with

True freedom does not depend on anything.
Worldly freedom is dependent.

No one can have freedom
without responsibility.

Stay aware
so you don't


They who abide by Universal Law
will live in a New World Order.

The hunger
keeps one

Convenience, is the upside.
It's reward, is the downside.
It is no longer convenient!


is a
quality-less state.
People who are full of it,
burst out laughing.

Life feeds on life.
That is a fact.
(even a fly knows that.)

Without life
there is
no such thing

Don't look for
Peace in the heavens,when
there's none down here.

When you want to
teach people about Peace,
you'd better be at it.

"If we give you what you want,
you'll just sit under a tree and rot!
Work now, and we'll give you what you want."

If you end up like me
you won't want anything.


The Guru is a
gift from God.
(Never look a gift horse in the mouth.)

Creative people
are not greedy.

Internal pictures
are according to
ones' understanding.

A habit, that is fighting
for its' survival, is a
formidable foe.

Violence will wake everyone up. Have a look at the violence in societies, If that's not enough to wake you up, what will it take?

Killing and violence have taken over.
Rape & plunder are now the norm.
What will it take to shock you?

Shocks don't put you to sleep, do they?

In order for there to be
an age of Enlightenment
there has to be
an age of ignorance.

An age of ignorance
has to be destroyed
for the
age of enlightenment
to arise.

Anyone who tells you they have answers, know that they are liars. Destruction itself, is the answer.

Without the experiment
where are the experimenters?

Once the puppet master has
no more strings to pull,
that is the death of him.

Don't blame the puppet.
You're the one pulling
the strings.

It's the same electricity,
just different appliances.

He went to bed in one world
and woke up in another.
The first questions he asked:

keep you stuck
in the past.

The Source of Peace;
Beyond existence
and non-existence,
there is nothing
to know.

A silent mind
has no future
or past.

Some things happen
faster than others.

This blog is not for me.
My job is to put it out there.
Your job is to pick it up.
(I can assure you, my job is
harder than picking it up,)

You cannot imagine
the unimaginable,
you can only be it.

Soap Operas
do not exist
in enlightened


"How can you be the Guru? You don't fit the mold."
"I'm glad you noticed. That means you're not going to get 'more of the same' bullshit; thousands of disciples, millions of dollars. No, you're right, I don't fit the mold."

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The desire to live is the messenger of death.
Longing to be happy is the outline of sorrow.
The world is an ocean of pain and of fear.
Despair and anxiety are always so near.

Dream on the American Dream.

We live in our dream worlds.
They last for some time.
These mental formations we all claim are mine.
At last when we sleep they pale out of sight.
And all we are left with is the dead of the night.

Dream on the American dream.

Money and power, sex, name and fame.
They all go together to make up the game.
Dreams they do not Reality make.
They're hollow and empty, their contents are fake.

Dream on the American dream.

The cars that we drive made of plastic and steel,
Contain our Self image asleep at the wheel.
The monster's released with the turn of a key,
Then roars down the road singing, "Hey! look at me!"

Dream on the American dream.

We suffer delusions that cause separation.
Through pride and false ego we call it a nation.
We're so proud to live so that others can die,
But the facts of the matter will make us all cry,

Dream on the American dream.


Dogs of desire gnawing at the mind,
Our throw-away societies are on the decline.
It's the same all over wherever I go
The TV and Cable are running the show.

2000 channels and what do you get?
A callous on ya finger and a pain in ya neck.
Surfing the airwaves, falling in the sea
And all we can think about is Me, Me, Me.

Bimbos and knockers prancing on the screen.
A fetish for the skin, it's a plastic surgeons dream.
Skin stretched tight over finely sculpted bones.
The plot never thickens, it's enough to make ya moan,

Sitting in a cafe in downtown Delhi,
Everything is tacky except the big old Telly.
Where once sat an Altar to the Goddess of Life
There now sits the demon screen churning out its strife.

Rich man, poor man, beggars on the street
Worshiping the silver screen, they're even eating meat.
Corruption is rampant wherever I go,
And the current vice for everyone is 90210.

So, where are we going? Where will it end?
The digital dream and the signal that it sends.
'I'll have a satellite dish and a murder on the side
And for sweets I'll have a rape topped with thick, faulty pride.'


There is no such power
as personal freedom.
While ever one man
is in chains, we all
are in chains.

True Freedom
is freedom
from the personal,
small little bubble
of a dream that people
imagine themselves to live in.

While ever one man suffers
we all suffer.
While ever one man is being
we are all being tortured.

The idea of 'personal'
and separateness
is insanity.

There is no such thing as a personal experience. It has been experienced before you and it will be experienced after you. There is nothing that one man can experience that another man cannot. Experiences are children that come from the world of experience. Very seldom will an inexperienced man learn from an experienced man. His limited ego will demand that he wants to make his own mistakes. All those that believe that way are ignorant fools. Even mistakes are not yours, otherwise, they would not be repeated over and over again by, for example, world leaders.

I am the Universal Being. There is nothing personal about me at all. I do not claim anything to be mine. The idea of mine is another false idea foisted on the heads of people for the benefit of someone else.

Do not expect a false question
to give you a correct answer.
Only correct questions can
give correct answers.

You may claim this land to be yours. Your claim is invalid. You are merely in possession of stolen goods. Even the original people of this land did not claim it to be theirs/mine. Ask them and they will tell you, "We are the caretakers." Ask them, "Who owns the land?" and they will tell you that it is owned, collectively, by all. What grows on it belongs to God. Humanity as a whole, collectively, is the caretaker of all lands. Individually, you have no separate land rights. You tell me, of what use is barren land to anyone? Even in our, so-called, modern societies, a barren woman is of no use to a man who wants to go forth and multiply. Would you rape your mother and plunder her house? why would you do it to this life-giving land. Contemplate the situations you are dependent upon, for example, food, water, shelter, sunshine, wind and then come and talk to me about personal power.
What state are we in when your children believe that milk comes from the supermarket? What state are we in when the childrens' parents believe that the acquisition of toys can make them any happier than they are, here and now?

So many wars and crimes against humanity have been committed and as yet very few have been held responsible for these acts and atrocities. And you wonder why Joy is not bubbling up from the center of your heart?

Only an ignorant fool will believe another ignorant fool when he tells him you came here to experience enjoyment, when the truth is you came here to do the work. THE GREAT WORK!

Many years ago, in the Outback of Australia, I heard a white fella' and a black fella' having a heated discussion in Giltraps Hotel. The white fella' said to the black fella', "If that's how you feel about the land, then fuck you, you can have it back!" The black fella' said, "We don't want it back, thank you very much, you fucked it, you fix it!"

Friday, November 21, 2008


Man is like a plague of locusts.
He lands on this planet,
eats everything in sight,
then he moves on.

Once there is nothing left
to consume, my dear consumer,
you will starve to death.

A law of survival;
Consume minimum
Live maximum.

The very fact that
we are searching out
livable Planets in space
should tell you;
this one is doomed.

Sheep Shearers have existed
for hundreds of years,
that means they are survivors.
They understand the laws
of survival - hard, physical labor.

Crime in Society limits
the peoples' freedom.

Minimum crime
Maximum freedom.

Without discipline
there is no such
thing as religion.
They merely become
non-profit organizations.

If you have to ask for donations
then the religion has no power.

True religion
is self-fulfilling.

Were you to make your home a temple or a church or a mosque, there would be no need for the aforementioned.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


One who lives a life
using the word 'hope'
will never go beyond it
and will get nothing out of it.


Better to die
in Trust

The word (Trust)
has more power.
Use it

Everything stays the same.
Only the names change,
(to control the ignorant.)

The situation is the label
on the file cabinet.

The people,
have underminded
their own
financial foundations
by going into debt.


Once the opportunities
have gone out of Society,
it is dead.

Opportunities create interest.
Interest creates opportunities.

Lack of opportunities
create depression.

Take command of the
language you use and
experience its' freedom.

It is the same key
that locks and opens the door.
You don't need 2 keys.

People come out of good times with no discipline, so when bad times come what will you do? It's not like you can buy discipline. Discipline is not a commodity.

If you forget God
in summer, do not
expect him to
remember you
in winter.

When the ends justify the means and mankind survives, how can you argue with it. (You never know, you may be one of the survivors!)

If you don't want
to be left behind
then move with
the Time.

Once you lose your
moral authority,
do not expect
people to believe you.

Moral authority is
the foundation on which
all other authority is built on.

I'm all

Don't feed me a crumb and then try to convince me that I've had my share of the cake, while you're eating a piece as big as your fist!

Until the leaders of our Society who have committed war crimes are held accountable, then Justice has not been upheld. Do not expect any meaningful change, whatsoever.

Changing the color
of the icing on the cake
does not change the cake!

When you don't take care of the past,
don't expect a different future.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


is for the

Consciousness is not
the ultimate state.

Right here and now
you are perfect.
(and don't let anyone tell you
any different, otherwise, you
spend your life looking through
the eyes of imperfection.)


Foreign wars are very well-planned
in comparison to domestic revolution.

has more power

is togetherness.
you are
on your own.

is to
Heaven on Earth.
(when you do not do that,
you live in hell!)

There is no such thing as
Freedom without opportunities.
Create your own opportunities
and maintain your Freedom.

There is no such thing as
a depression for a man
who knows how to create work.

A man,
who will do
any kind of work
will never be
out of work.

Work is the greatest religion
that ever existed.
You can fill your
whole day with it.

There is no such thing
as a workaholic.
(take it from a Capricorn!)

Once you find the joy in work,
holidays become a distraction
and eventually cease to exist.

The Mechanics of Consciousness.
Now that's something we can study.
We already have the laboratory.

Enjoy your life.
The next breath
may take you
to your death.

Anyone who thinks
in terms of 'us' & 'them'
are victims of ignorance.

Don't ever criticize
your own creations.

Everyone calls it Evolution.
I call it De-volution.

Whatever people are programmed with,
they will fight and die for.
(even if it's a crock of shit!)

As soon as
the pain is great enough,
everyone will let go.

What is the difference between a glass of salt water and the Ocean?
The glass. Put salt water in 10 different colored glasses and you've got race discrimination.

Accepting the fact
that reincarnation
is for the ignorant,
why would anyone be interested?

'I think' - 'If's' & 'maybe's'
means you don't know!

Open the door
and live anew.

Who wants to go back
when you're going forward?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Would one hope
if there were
no results
with it?

I am not looking
for results, therefore
I don't need hope.

if you don't have
a pigeon hole to
put something - it
doesn't mean you
have to ignore it.

There is no
to war.
It's all

My nature
is to help,
not to

Monday, November 17, 2008



Without Unity
no one will

True Power shifts
only come through

I will only support integrity.
Anything else, I am not interested in.

I am not interested
in people who are
interested in the
continuation of

People don't have any more time.
That means the 'programs' full.
The only way to get more in, is
to get rid of some.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My life is a life of service. I ask for nothing in return. I serve Humanity as I see fit. There is only one man alive today, on this Planet, who is carrying the teachings of the God of this Planet, on his head. I am that soldier! I did not ask your permission to do it. I felt the suffering of Humanity. I acted in my own unique way. Tattooing a foolproof Peace formula on my head destroyed my worldly life. I did not do it out of ignorance. The only way I could do it was, I had to attain that inner peace myself first, otherwise I would have been branded a hypocrite. Carrying this foolproof Peace formula on my head for the past 20 years has not won me friends and influenced people. In fact, it has been the opposite. I have been laughed at and ridiculed by many. Am I sorry I did it? No, I have no regrets. I do not perform and support actions, within myself, that I am going to regret. My strength comes out of the fact that I cannot fail.

I have one desire in my life. This is it: I DESIRE PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL BETWEEN ALL MANKIND! Question: Will you support me? Will you vote for my desire?
I am already at Peace. I found it within myself. Therefore, my desire will not benefit me, it can only benefit you.

I have waited for many years to see my desire manifest. I am a Master of Patience. Great joy is manifesting in my heart. The more the shit hits the fan the closer my desire comes to fruition. I will have my desire manifested with or without your help. I would rather have your help and support but that is up to you.

The Kingdom of Heaven lies within each and every one of us. There is an ocean of Peace within each and every one of us. To help me, find out what disturbs your Peace and destroy it. THERE CAN NEVER BE TOO MUCH TO MUCH DESTRUCTION.



Needs are legitimate and as needs they will be fulfilled. Wants are neurotic and illegitimate and can only manifest grief and suffering for yourself and others.


In America, when a disaster happens, people say, "Why is God doing this to us?"
In Third-world countries, when a disaster happens people say, "why is America doing this to us? Or why is England doing this to us." Empires, by their very nature, are parasitical! They suck on the life force of weaker countries.

In the grand scheme of things,
no Empire has ever lived
long enough to tell the tale.

Any society that is programmed, through dreams and fantasies, will one day be violently awakened by the hard, cold facts of reality.

When it is your time to die, will you let go willingly, with the full knowledge that you have lived a life of service to others and leave happily, or will you die kicking and screaming because you lived a selfish life, chasing endless desires that will only serve you, while spending your last-remaining dollars, trying to squeeze out an extra few moments? You may even repent on your deathbed but by that time it will be too late. You will have missed the whole point of life. A life spent in service, no matter how difficult it may be, will serve you on your deathbed. Life lived in self-service can only create misery and suffering for yourself and others.

The rich man, who spends his money donating to worthwhile charities and causes, may secure himself a place in heaven, but if he claims the money he spent on causes and charities on his tax return, he will secure his place in hell.

True charity comes
from giving, with
absolutely zero thought
of a return.

When you claim something
in return for a charitable action,
it's called business.

The 'upside' of a New World Order' will guarantee that societies will not be able to go back to business as usual. As far as I am concerned that will be a wonderful thing.

Ignorance can only breed ignorance. That is an indisputable fact, therefore
a select breeding program may be initiated for the welfare of society as a whole.
In the animal kingdom, when a male or female of the species has a genetic defect that can not be rectified then it is not allowed to breed. What is the difference with people that have genetic defects? The physical body itself is 'animal'. It eats, drinks, shits and dies the same as all other bodies. Expecting more than that out of it will only cause disappointments.

Whilever you are getting what you want out of life, my words will be of no use to you. You will even see me as a fool or an idiot, or worse still, a phony. When the day comes that the, so-called good things in life are flowing to you no longer, you will find my ranting and raving and manifest madness will serve you very well.

Many years ago, I took Sanyas,(if you don't know what that means then look it up) I gave up all self-serving desires. Until you can do that, you have no legitimate right, whatsoever, to criticize my words and integrity. I tattooed on my head, at great pain, a foolproof Peace Formula for this Planet. Until you can do that, then you have no right whatsoever to criticize what I say.

The man who willingly gives a kidney, free of charge, to another man in need, in that particular area, you have no legitimate right to question his actions unless you can match them.

Ignorance has no right
to challenge the Truth!


My name is Guru Om.
This is my challenge to the American Society, as a whole.
WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DIE FOR, IN ORDER THAT THE SOCIETY AS A WHOLE CAN CONTINUE? When you go to bed tonight, before you close your eyes and go to sleep, with as much brutal honesty as you can muster...ask yourself that question; WHAT AM I PREPARED TO DIE FOR SO THAT OTHERS CAN LIVE?
If you cannot come up with anything, then my guarantee to you is that you will not survive what is coming.Were I to take you to any number of countries on this Planet, I can introduce you to thousands and thousands of everyday people just like yourself who are compelled, by violence, to ask themselves that question. A true Patriot is either a man, woman or child who is PREPARED & WILLING to die for his country in the event that a foreign military attacks.

There are thousands of true Patriots in countries around this world under occupation. 'Support Our Troops' bumper stickers and cheap, chinese-made American flags will not 'cut the cake'.

There is nothing wrong with repetition until people understand. I will repeat again; In the household that I grew up in, the head of the household whose name was George, was a front-line foot soldier in the First World War. He went to war, at 15 years of age, with 2 weeks training. The first command he received from the military was, 'KILL OR BE KILLED!', as they threw a 303 Royal Enfield Rifle at him with a two-foot bayonet on the end, with a 'blood track' in the blade.

As a child, I once refused food that was put on my plate. He looked at me, a look that caused me to shrink. This is what he said, "Listen to me boy, your problem is you are too well-fed and too well-looked after. You don't even bloody well know that you are alive. When I was in the trenches in France, I saw men crying like babies and desperately trying to eat their own shit and drink there own piss in order to survive. Don't ever tell me that you don't like a certain food. One of the major problems with you, boy, is that you've never really experienced hunger." His other favorite statement that he repeatedly used to tell me was this, "The problems with our country and our society, increased tremendously when they got rid of conscription (the draft)".

I do not ever write anything that is not my direct experience.

I have lived in America now for 24 years. I came here at 39 years of age. Up until that time, I lived in the Outback of Australia. Never in my life had I lived in a city. The biggest shock I received, living here, was the amount of food that was wasted through likes & dislikes. I said it then and I will repeat it again, Wasting food through likes & dislikes is a crime against humanity. I will even take it one step further. In the not-too-distant future, this society is going to pay an unimaginable high price for that crime. Never will a starving man say, "I don't like that!"

A few days ago, I read an article on the Internet about a small group of people who fled their homeland because of war crimes that were being committed against them. They fled their homeland in a small boat (to my memory there were 7 or 8 people on that boat.) After a few days at sea, they got washed off course and were completely lost. 4 or 5 of the people on the boat died as they ran out of food and fresh water. The remaining few, weeks later, were rescued by a passing vessel. After they had somewhat recovered, they told their story of how they cut pieces of flesh off of the corpses to survive. This is not a fantasy, these are documented facts from the survivors own mouths. These people did not live a privileged life in the country that they fled from. They were every-day people who had grown up in their country and lived a life of great hardship. As the shit hits the fan, in this country, what do you think the man who has lived a life of privilege is going to do when he finds himself in a similar situation? From what I have seen, with my own eyes, after living here for 19 years, I would say, without a doubt, a very large majority of citizens of this country have lived a privileged life, in comparison to what is termed, third world citizens of third world countries.

In India, there is a sect know as Aghouras. They live in the cremation grounds. There food supply is half-burned corpses. That is a fact. (Check it out. Go on YouTube and key in Aghouras.) I have lived and interacted with these people at various times whilst living in India. One thing I noticed was that they did not kill the people and then barbeque them in order to eat them. The people had died of whatever had killed them...old age, accident, etc. In Western societies people are directly responsible for the killing and mass-slaughter of animals for their food supply. You may imagine that you are eating a piece of steak, when in fact you are eating a dead animal. One of the root causes of violence comes from eating flesh.

I am not telling you what to do and what not to do but I will tell you this; if you don't have the guts to go out into the Paddock and catch the animal, then cut its throat and bleed it, skin it and gut it, hang it up for 24 hours in a meat house for its flesh to set, then you are a hypocrite, which means you are getting someone else to do the dirty-work for you.

It is not necessary to eat dead animals in order to survive. When cattle or sheep are driven by force and violence into a slaughter house, their flesh is riddled with with adrenaline which is produced by horrendous fear. Man comes along and eats that animal, along with the huge amounts of adrenaline that it contains. At some stage, that adrenaline will manifest as violence in man. I have yet to see a military that is comprised of battalions of vegetarians.

Facts are facts: No amount of projecting fantasies over them will change them. No amount of justification can change facts. You wouldn't eat your own dog if it died of natural causes because you obviously have a relationship with it. You will eat a beefburger, obviously, because you don't have a relationship with the animal that it came from.

As a child, I was sat at the dinner table on a Sunday afternoon, eating a piece of chicken. My sister was sat across from me. She picked up a drumstick, took a bite of it, chewed it up and swallowed it. She then announced, "This is the best chicken I have ever eaten in my life." She was as happy as a pig in shit, till I made her aware that it was her pet chicken we were all eating. At that point, she dropped the knife and fork, broke out in tears and her father became the meanest man that ever lived. Whilst she was still in ignorance, the chicken tasted wonderful. Once her ignorance was destroyed by a fact, she could no longer eat the chicken. Whilever there is a demand there will be a supply...until the supply runs out!

Were your first cousin to be killed in an accident you would experience grief, yet your 10,000th cousin who lives in a third-world country killed purposely because he's sitting on an oilfield, you don't bat an eyelid!

Question: do you want the President to bring our troops home because they are getting killed or do you want him to bring the troops home because they are killing innocent women and children? Maybe you want him to bring the troops home because wars are incredibly expensive (on a monetary level). When all of a countries wealth is spent on agressive wars what's going to be left for you?

Someone once complained to me that they were sick and tired of our troops being killed in the Middle East. I asked them a simple question, "Are you ready to give up your car?" Their answer (obviously) was no. My answer was, "Then take your bullshit somewhere else!"

Whilever societies are based solely and wholely on supply and demand, nothing will change.

Not too long ago, I spoke to a man who was pushing a bicycle. I asked him why he was riding a bicycle. He told me,"I do not agree with the bombing and killing of women and children so that I can have oil to drive a car. I cannot stop others doing it, but I could not justify me doing it. In the beginning it was very difficult. Over the years, riding a bicycle everywhere has taught me many great lessons."

If you don't care that people have to die in order for you to maintain your lifestyle and you tell me that; I don't have a problem with that because at least, in your ignorance, you are being as honest as you will allow yourself to be (in the situation), but do not wind the window down on your car and tell me that you care about middle-eastern women and children being killed in a war that is fought over oil!

Do not tell me that you care about children being turned into slaves and working in diamond mines while your wife walks around with a diamond engagement ring on her finger.

Needs are legitamate and as Needs they will be fulfilled. Wants are neurotic and illigitamate and can only manifest grief and suffering for yourself and others.

Hypocrites are a 'dime-a-dozen'.


We act and cause others to suffer.
Others act and cause us to suffer.

What you are not aware of
is making decisions for you
all the time.

Hope is not active,
it is passive.

I am not open to discussions.
You cannot discuss facts
you can only distort them.

is for the

Two men go to the Doctor. The first man is a little bit under the weather. The Doctor prescribes the medicine. The man argues with the Doctor as to whether it is the right medicine or not. The Doctor says, "It's the correct medicine, make sure you take the whole course." The man goes home, takes two pills and throws the rest away. The second man knows that he is dying. The Doctor prescribes the medicine. He gets no argument from the second man as to whether it is the right medicine. The Doctor says, "Make sure you take the full course." The man goes home, takes the full course of pills, goes back to the Doctor and thanks the Doctor for extending his life for a few more moments.


Any fool can create.
It takes a wise man
to destroy.


Once you run out of power
you turn to hope,

Hope is a dead word.
(Nice is another one.)

Weakness relies on hope.
Strength relies on trust.
(Which starts with yourself.)

Are you interested
in going beyond hope?

People who rely on hope
have no power.

Those who live
in hope
will die
in hope.

Why would a man need hope when he has the power to change the situation? All he has to do is act on his power.

Once you run out of power
what do you do next?
Rely on hope?

People who hope
are not interested
in change.

First of all, propaganda convinces you that you have power and control in your life, then laws are enacted to stop you using it.

At the end of the day, what do I really know...nothing! (which is still not quite correct. Nothing implies that there was something there when in fact there never was anything there.)

It's all in the mind, Mate.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


PhotobucketYou only need to talk about it when you're not living it and you are making money out of it. Then you are, what is called in the Outback - A no-hoper.

As a child,
I found out
very early on,
that there was
no hope for me.
It took quite a
few years to
realize that it was
a blessing in disguise.

Why would you need hope
living in the here & now?

There is no such thing
as hope
to a life
in the moment.

Better to rely
on yourself,
than hope.

Anything that gets
in the way
is a distraction.
Ask 'Dead Ernest.'

'An increase in Joy'-
An easy thing to say,
a difficult thing to live.

Buying pictures creates disappointment.
The only thing you can do at that point
is to take it back and ask for a refund
for whatever it cost you. If they don't
have a refund policy, you're stuck with
the picture!

"What's wrong with me running your life? I couldn't mess it up worse than you have. If that wasn't the case, I wouldn't be in your life."


I've seen a lot of 'Peace Men'
dressed in white,
but I've yet to see
the Peace!
I am the 'Peace Man'
who dresses
in black.

Friday, November 14, 2008


What is tattooed on my head
is a formula for the
Destruction of Ignorance.

In a Society that has had everything
and expects more; the unexpected will
cause misery and disappointment.

Indifference to the suffering of others
will bring suffering to your door.

One is in the world asleep,
imagining they are awake.
(Should you not believe me
then ask yourself this question,
at any moment you care to;
"If this is the happiest
that I will ever be,
is that alright?"

Thursday, November 13, 2008


You cannot do

When you want
for someone else,
you don't need to want
for yourself any more.

No one has any idea
of what is going to happen.
They are just projecting.

can remain
the same when

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


If you are not aware of the movements of the Planets then you will believe that you have a choice and can make changes.

Whatever you are not aware
of is choosing for you.

If there wasn't a Sun
then you wouldn't be
able to digest your food -
let alone live!

Once corruption becomes
stronger than honesty;
a pious man is
very hard to find.

When you make the Government 'Mommy' & 'Daddy' and expect them to look after you and keep you safe, don't be surprised when they designate your 'Big Brother' to look after you, while they're out.

Without wars,
you do not need an
Ambassador of Peace.

The mind of the corrupt
is riddled with demons.

Why should life
give me anything?
I deny it Reality!

can remain
the same when

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Time is the great equalizer.

Time, itself, destroys fantasies and dreams. It erodes them away. Even if you manifest your fantasies and dreams, don't forget, at the end of the day, you are living a fantasy or a dream. We are very fortunate that the body is 'time-bound' and will die at some time or other, otherwise we would be bogged down in fantasies and dreams for eons. Imagining that you were born and are going to die is the biggest dream and fantasy of them all!

Shattering your biggest illusion
takes care of all the smaller ones.

Looking for the Truth
is no better than any
other dream or fantasy.
Know that you are the Truth
and be done with this

Dreams do not make Reality.
All they can do is distort

Dreams have a nasty habit
of turning into nightmares.

To dream
you have
to be
To be free
of a dream
you have to
wake up.

Better to give up your childish toys,
than to have them ripped away from you
in the coming months.


Tomorrow never comes.
It is always today.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Find out what your own,
unique experience of life is.
Once you find it, stick with it.
Don't let anyone talk you out of it.
Sing your own song
(or blow your own trumpet.)
I do!





In a corrupt environment
a genuine man sounds naive.

It is much better
to be grateful
when you have it
than to learn
about gratitude
without it.

To a Society that
has had everything
and expects more;
the unexpected will
cause misery and

God protects
ones' inner wealth.

Reading spiritual books, without the direct experience of the Self, is like imagining a glass of imaginary water will quench your thirst.

The unknown
does not bow down
to logic.

Go direct to God
without an

If you are serious
you will only need
to do it once.

is for the

There is a block of ideas. They are all right and they are all wrong. They are all good and they are all bad. They are all true and they are all false. What else do you expect from ideas?

Give truth a chance
and it will speak for itself.

Everything you see in life
should remind you of God.

Everything in you do in life;
do it for God.

All religions
come from
the same place.

If you want to enliven consciousness
then live...truly live!

When you have nothing else left to lose
you will do whatever is necessary.

You cannot
a crisis!

If you want peace,
start with yourself.

If you don't want war,
then manifest peace.

Were people to be able
to stay out of drama
they would appreciate life more.

It's easier to change oneself
than to try to change the world.

When a famine arrives
you will know that
God has left the building!

I've always known
that my every actions
have been observed.

Witness consciousness
is watching

Every action has a witness.

In witness consciousness
you don't need a private world.

When the unknown manifests
there will be lots to deal with.

Let me give you some great advice;
when you are in it,
don't let anything
pull you out of it.

I am the most fortunate being that ever lived on this Planet. Powerful women support me and what I stand for. That is my army.


Eating is a social activity.
Famine is a global calamity.

Needs are legitimate.
Wants are neurotic.

If it doesn't have any humor in it, what use is it?

Mans' actions
are governed
by the planets.

The Hierarchy; The Guru, The King, The Queen, The President, The People. Ask yourself, who has the most strength and power?

Power on its own
is useless.
It takes strength
to hang on to it.
The alternate is
to let go
and let
Let go,
dip in

How do you access the content of your consciousness. Do you access it through the TV, the computer, the movies? Have you ever thought of accessing it directly?
(rather than using a go-between.) You give the television power over you when you turn it on.

What will you do when the Earth declares war on you, rich and poor, powerful and weak alike?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have a question for you;
"Would you be willing
to give up everything
you want in life so that
others could get everything
that they want?"
I did that!
I have pondered, over the years,
whether I did the right thing
or whether it was worth it.

I am just like you.
I know what you will
feel when you have to
give up everything
that you love.

Everyone, on this Planet,
expresses their love for God
in their own, unique way.

It is the spark of love
that keeps everyone alive,
(even a mass-murderer).

Sitting on the seat,
in the center
of the heart,
is your God.
(When was the last
time you went to sit
with Him?)

Mans' greed has become a monster
that is eating the economy.

Each Planet governs
a category of thought.
Excessive interest in them
causes you to believe that
they are yours.
And 'You' think.
You do not!

Friday, November 7, 2008



Desires fulfilled
more desires.

Watchers are beings
that can stand back
and watch the show
without getting

The Watchers guiding philosophy;
'If you want to help,

Watchers:: Awareness consciousness

Any interference
slows down the

in the

The peoples vote
has power.

When you are given a situation that you are required to vote on; has it ever occurred to you to abstain? When you vote for anything, you give it your power. Refusing to vote for outcomes that you don't agree with retains that power within yourself.

When you are given information and you hear yourself say, "What can we do about it?", know beyond all doubt that you have given your power away.

Do not feed your weaknesses.
Be ruthless!
Use your strength
to starve them out.

The Presidents' job has nothing on the Gurus' job. Millions of desires a day lobby the Guru.

In this shape & form
one needs
the Earth
to survive.

The war that has been going for the longest is the people against the Planet. It is an unwinnable war for the people.

The element of surprise
comes out of he imaginable.
Focus on the unimaginable and
nothing will surprise you.

The unimaginable has no image.
Why would that frighten you?

The death of the known
is birth of the unknown.
If you are afraid of the unknown,
then what?
It would make more sense
to be afraid of the known!

It is not possible to project
on the unimaginable, it goes
right though it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008




The Absolute
is the

Introduce your world
to the Absolute and
your world will disappear.

Another illusion
to add to the box~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's got nothing to do
with the Government.
It's all about the people.
There is no such thing
as a Government
without the people.

Moral corruptness
manifest itself
as weakness

Cleaning house...
Out with the old,
in with the new.

Death of the Old World Order
is the birth of the New World Order.

Worlds have been living
and dying since time

I like being anonymous. I am the biggest black hole you will ever meet. Get close to me and I will suck you in!

One has to maintain
a certain level of
stress to walk upright.
That is the penalty
that man pays for
walking upright
on two legs.

Each President brings
his picture with him.

Meditation & scuba-diving are very similar. To spend time on the bottom, the scuba-diver has to remain in a peaceful state so he doesn't use up his air supply. The Guru does the same. He dives to the bottom of the Ocean of Consciousness and sits there peacefully.

Debts are a
breeding ground
for problems.

Only a man in debt
can be owned
by the master.

Debts and slavery
are inseparable.

Any fool
can get
into debt.

'Give a man enough rope
and he will hang himself'.

Our Society is cracking up
and no amount of Botox
will patch it up.

What creates Joy in my heart is knowing that the Guru is The Be-All and End-All of Everything!

Facts manifest
Joy in the heart.
Fiction manifests
suffering in the mind.

"Just the facts, Mam!"

When you turn
on the light,
shadows disappear.

Shadow Governments cannot exist in the light. Shadow Governments consists of shadow people. Shadow people hang out in the shadows, watching you. They're called shadow-watchers. If you don't want them in your life, turn up your inner light so there are no shadows for them to hide in.

If you don't
want problems
in your life,
don't open the
door to them,
or better still,
don't create them
in the first place.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Meeting the Guru
is not the
of something,
it is the
end of everything.


Once you know what's between
the 'tick' and the 'tock',
you can listen to a ticking
clock all night long!

Natures laws are not corrupt.

Political correctness
is an attack on
Free Speech.

Control the speech
and you control
the people.

Don't expect
a happy ending
to anything
built on the
back of slavery.

They are trying
to control life


For those of you who treat yourself with contempt by going into unnecessary debt, then do not expect the Government to treat you any differently.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Presence manifest intent,
absence cannot do that.

is an act
of love.

The credit card sucks
the life force out of you.
It is a vampire.

If you are
in debt
you are a

When you are in debt
you're running out of
life force.

Things manifest out of thin air.
That's how they're able to disappear.
(Right when you need them!)

Anger and fear live in the same house. Love and compassion live in the same house. It is not possible for anger and love to live in the same house. It is not possible for fear and compassion to live in the same house.

When you build something on
the Foundation of Reality,
it will appear to be real.
Without the foundation,
you have no house.

The whole Universe is built
on the Foundation of Reality.

Those who refuse to look
at the symptoms have no hope
of addressing the cause.

People have to look at themselves
and ask, "Why have we created a world like this?"

When your Tree of Life bears rotten fruit,
you will have to eat it.
(As that is all there will be to eat!)