Saturday, July 2, 2011


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A disturbed mind,
a weak mind
is a nuisance.
Whatever disturbs it,
get rid of it.

Disturbances cause suffering
which leads to pain.
Suffering is mental.
Pain is physical.

Hang on
and die.
Let go
and love.

Once you realize that it's time
to let go, you will realize
you've been hanging on.
One cannot hang on and claim love.
That is drama and sentimentality.

Letting go
is a manifestation
of true love.
Hanging on
is a manifestation
of fear.

If you want control
in your life,
learn to control
the mind.
Whenever the mind
is under control,
The Universe
is under control.

The physical world
only exists in
the waking state.
Dreams only exist
in the dream state.
If you're living
a dream then you're
obviously asleep!

There is no fear in me.
How can there be
with a life
like I've led?

It's a good man
who knows when
enough is enough;
& lucky the society
that he lives in.

In order to
pick something up
you have to
put something down.
Put falsehood down
& pick up the Truth.

Only a disciplined man
has freedom.

Whatever any man does
affects the whole planet.

Society can only
know each other
through itself.

It is not possible to the 'Genuine Article' & have Society accept that. Conversely, if you are a scam everyone wants to know you.

To fully live,
to fully experience
one has to experience
both laughter & rage.