Thursday, March 7, 2013


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I found
in myself
what is
100% reliable

In the void there is
no such thing as
name, shape & form.
That's what makes it so.

The debt that man is in to credit cards
is nothing, in comparison to the debt
he owes the Earth for what he does to her.


Without Justice
there is no life.

Without your
you're a nothing
& a nobody,
just like me.

Nightmares are
only for dreamers

Your fine education &
all your degrees are
no good to you on
an empty stomach.

Be careful
your life doesn't
get too speedy
or the friction
will burn you up.

You claim
to have choice,
then please
explain to me
why you created
a world like this.

Responding & reacting
are two completely
different things.

You cannot die;
that is a fact.
But, by the time
I'm finished with you,
you'll wish you could.

There's nothing one can
do about anything;
openness & gratitude
& that's it.

The first shall be last &
the last shall be first.
The 'hopers' will be last &
the 'trusters' will be first.
Any fool can hope;
Only a wise man can trust.