Friday, March 15, 2013




When the many
become one
there will be
enough for

If you persist in living
at least live in love,
otherwise, leave the building.

The root of
the problem
is existence.
It's a disease.

Addiction to
shape & form

I never
tell anyone
I love them.
If they don't
know by now,
they don't
deserve it.

The only way to
get the masses
to feel for others is
when the suffering of others
comes to their door.

You want a relationship with me?
Then you come up to my world.

I am
a saint.

When you really lose it,
you know you've cracked it.

I speak facts therefore I don't use the term, 'I think'. The man who says, 'I think' before he tells you something know nothing but fantasies, therefore, RUN.

is not conducive
to understanding.
is what you need.

The time for preparation
has long since gone.
Preparation for death
is next on the agenda.

Good times are coming.
People are going to
learn how to think & feel
for themselves.