Sunday, March 31, 2013



I'm not here
to save you.
You save yourself,
If you can.

I've come this far,
I'll go the distance.

In 1965 I worked in a traveling boxing troupoe in the Outback of Australia. I took on all comers, myself & 6 Aborigines & we lived to tell the tale. It created unfathomable peace.

True democracy
is going without
so that others
may have.

The imaginable
hardly ever happens.

The easiest way
to deal with God
is through understanding.

What comes first?
Seeing God in everything
or knowing God is everything.

Better to go without
then go into debt.

There are perks to being rich.
There are perks to being poor.
There are no perks being middle-class.
They get shafted from all sides.

To reach the Supreme
you must be extreme.
I AM the extremist.

What I'm talking about
doesn't come from an
& indulgent life.

Sacrifice comes out of
a willingness to give up.
Better than having everything
taken away violently.

The ability to give up the unnecessary
creates great strength of character.

Free speech does not mean
expressing a worthless idea.

True free speech
is not motivated
by fear.

God is the Doer,
not man.
Knowing that,
one lives an
anxiety-free life.

If it's not here & now
then it's no good to me.

The peoples' vote
only has
as much power
as the
purity of the

People are like packages.
What's inside is the same.
It's the outer wrapping
that's different.
Take the wrapping off
& see yourself.

To find God
you have to
go beyond your
concepts of God.

My state
is a state of
It produces great joy.

If you don't know
then there's nothing
to worry about.

Before you can truly live
you first have to find out
what you're willing to die for.

Having the
to wait.