Friday, March 1, 2013



Once you know that
it's the same life-force
that inhabits all bodies,
that's the end of racism.

I've been called
an angry bastard
many, many times
in my life
but only by
ignorant people.

If you walk onto a car lot to buy a car without knowing the first thing about cars then you will deserve whatever you get; likewise, living on this Planet.

Traitors have no problem torturing each other. Torture comes out of traitor. When traitors are running the show, do not expect justice or you will be tortured.

First, they sold
the black fella
down the river.
It's the
white fellas
turn now.

What does it say
about the world
when some people would
contribute more
as garden fertilizer?

A painful life will keep you awake.
Pleasure never woke anyone up.