Saturday, November 9, 2013



Would you be prepared to die
to stop 'business as usual'?
Because that is what it will take.

At the end of the day.
At the beginning of the day.
That's all anybody wants.

Happiness comes & goes. You don't.
Let happiness chase you for a change.

One has invested in acceptance &
one has invested in denial.

I can open the gates of heaven
& invite you in,
knowing that your desires will not
allow you to stay.

Debt is like a retractable dog lead.
You can only go so far
without getting 'jerked' backwards.

God is everything & I am nothing
(that I can imagine.)
We make a good pair.
He cannot exist without me &
I cannot exist without Him.

Anyone who has genuinely lived a life based on integrity will tell you; you will find God in the most unlikely places.

How can you know what you are?
You can only know what you are not.

Atheists & believers both
have an investment in God.

Love is
a state
of being.

You cannot recall an atomic weapon
once it is released but you
can recall a politician.

True 'preppers' spend their life
preparing for death not storing food.

Better to ask yourself
what you are prepared to die for
rather than have your life
taken from you as a victim.