Saturday, November 16, 2013




Everyone is programmed
to believe that
this world is real
but it is only a reflection.
The question is;
what is it a reflection of?

How can
a reflection
be real?

The more wounded
your feelings are
the bigger the dramas.
How else are you
going to feel?

People are programmed
to believe
that darkness
is the light.
Look at society.

If you want permanency
you'll have to seek it
beyond consciousness.

The reason you don't get hungry
in deep sleep is because
there's no body there.

In the movie house,
the audience is
in pitch dark.
It's the screen
where the light is.

If you don't want to
be controlled in your life,
find your weaknesses
& strengthen them.

The minimum of words
for the maximum impact.

Necessary & unnecessary
have power & potency.
Right & wrong
are for children.

When the Planets
go to war
man goes to war.

No manners = bad breeding.

Without God, the Atheists could not exist as there would be nothing to deny the existence of.

Observation without
thinking is called