Monday, November 4, 2013



We can't talk about the
space between the breaths
as there isn't anything
there to talk about.
You can merge in it
but then you won't exist
as you know yourself.

Anything alive
is breathing.

You too can become
a world savior
but first you will
have to
save yourself.

When the world needs saving
a world-savior will appear.

Has the world
ever asked you
to save it?

Who in their right mind would agree
that pieces of paper with numbers on them
make the difference between life & death.

No one knows when
they've had enough.
That's why there
is rampant greed.
When is enough, enough?

Only the limited
is interested
in existence.

You go back to the Space
& everything stops.
The Heart Space.

In America you have Barbie & Ken.
In Australia you have Bon Scott & Rosie.
What a world. Isn't it great?
We're on a Highway to Hell.

God doesn't believe
that Atheists exist.
That levels the
playing field.
Now, we can move on.

From nothing
to everything.

The worse it gets
on the outside,
go deeper
on the inside.
Balance it out
with Peace.
Take name, shape & form
as a starting point.

To live life to the fullest
you have to have a very
close relationship with it.
There is no room for
dreams & fantasies with it.