Thursday, January 14, 2010


When you are ignorant
& want to know something,
you'd better ask the right one!

If you're not happy in the world then the fastest way out is to stop thinking about it and believing in it. You will end up in my world then and I guarantee you, you will be happy.

If you want your power to manifest in the world,
you have to create the correct situation as a vehicle.

In order to survive
in the world,
for as long as necessary,
make the best of it.

For those who truly would like
to experience God,
put yourself in a dark room &
call out your name several times.

Integrate imagination,
and when there's no stone unturned..
that's it.
Beyond imagination.

Imagination has limits.
Once you reach those limits,
you're free of it &
see things as they truly are.

A minimum of drama

If you can't save yourself,
how can you become a world saviour?

As a child, I went in the Ocean and got out of my depth. I couldn't swim, therefore, the drowning process began. As I went down for the third time, I knew beyond any doubt that I didn't have the power to save myself. As I am here to tell you the story, obviously, the world saviour saved me. My world, at that time, ran out of air.

Flat-liners have no problems.
They experience joy,
a quality-less state.