Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My loss
is my

The seeing of it
puts one beyond it.

In the silence there is a presence.
If you want to truly find out what God is,
beyond your romantic fantasies
and neurotic needs
then sit in that silence.

The world will not
get you free from the world.
Ignorance will not
get you free from ignorance.

Without discipline
you have to work for everything.
With discipline
you make everything work for you.

When like-minded people
support each other
all is possible.

For a timeless being
the time is always right.

Much better
to be divinely mad
than half-mad.

One tests themselves
until they are acceptable.
Once you are acceptable to yourself
Where is the need to test?

There is no such thing as
a world without each other.
Without a mirror you do not exist.

The subconscious
consists of everything
we are not aware of.

The first step:
One refuses to blame
anything for nothing
and nothing for everything.

All dependency creates weakness.
Convenience speeds up the weakening process.

Q: What has the most power
hunger or habit?

When all else fails
you’ve always got yourself.

Nothing is ever
as it appears to be.
That you can count on.

Time does not exist
when you are happy
doing what you love to do.

The space
is more interesting
than the things
that come out of it.

Uniqueness begins
where programming ends.

There are no mistakes
Only experiments.

In order
to have good feelings
you have to
deal with the bad ones first.