Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Whatever exists is limited
by the fact of existence.
Non-existence is full of potential.
Everything that exists
is made of consciousness
and held in consciousness.

If debt drags one man down,
what does it do to the whole country?

Purposeful action ensures
that you don't have to repeat it.

Whatever you have truly desired,
made your best effort and failed;
what is the use of it to you
when it manifests 20 years on?
It is no longer useful to you.

Failure simply means
you don't get the
desired result, and
there is nothing wrong
with that at all,
as you do get results.

All happenings
depend on

There's not much going on
in deep sleep, is there.
There's even less going
on beyond the known.

The inner & outer,
above & below
is the same space.

The only people who get robbed
of their possessions are the ones
who take them for granted.
Gratitude is the best burglar alarm.

Whatever you have dealt with - acts.
The 'undealt with' - reacts.