Sunday, March 7, 2010


When there's nothing
left to lose
even the weakest man
will fight.

The inhalation of the body
is the exhalation of the world.
Death of the body
is death of the world.

The foundations
of this society
were built on violence,
therefore, it will crumble
in violence.

The violence comes out
in the weakest first,
then makes it's way up the ladder.

All the decisions
that were made
in my life
came out of

Whatever you want in life,
if you didn't get it,
would that be alright?
Drop it and forget about it!
Do not be surprised
when it comes chasing you.

Don't worry,
when all your
fantasies and illusions
are shattered,
I will be there for you.

What will hunger eat
when there is no more food?

If you get lost in drama,
make sure you have a compass
to find your way out.

The past is a moment
that feels like an
once gone,
never to return