Wednesday, April 27, 2011


There is no power in a book;
the power is in the hand
that picks it up.

Clothe yourself
in the cloak
of pure consciousness
& become invincible.

Truth is

If the Truth depended
on book learning
one would be stuck
in ignorance
for an eternity.

People who know
are just as stuck
as people who don't know.

Once ignorance has been dispelled,
by the Light of Truth,
there is nothing to know.

You will know you have met your Guru
by how you change in his company.

In my world
there is no doubt.
It is full of myself.

My commitment
is to the death.

There is
no difference
between you and I.
All differences
are imagined.

I AM inside you
& you are inside me.

I AM because you are
& you are because I AM.

I was like you,
you will be like me.

I see everything
through the eyes
of equality.

Hope and faith
are only any good
if you are
interested in

If you are interested
in the Truth
then all you need

You cannot
in Sadhana.

The Path of the Siddha
is the fastest.
The Path of the Siddha
is only for people
who are done with
ignorance & delusion.

I can lead a horse to water
but I can't make it drink.
I can show you the Ocean of Love
but the diving into it, you must do.