Thursday, April 21, 2011


One has to find out
what put them into delusion
before they can get out.

In order to get free
don't you have to know
what you want to be free of?

Getting free
of nothingness.

One invents a God
to talk to
& a Guru to get them
free of misery.

Any fool can enjoy
himself with everything.

I developed the
sense of humor
with nothing.

If someone hadn't told you
there was no Father Xmas,
would you still believe in him?
Now that's deep!

There's something in everyone that when they see me they recognize me, otherwise they would be stuck for an eternity.

I AM, once seen
never forgotten.

the bloke
with the
Truth tattooed
on his forehead.

In a world of rot & corruption,
what do you think my chances are?

Everything I did
in my life
made me stronger.
Can you say that?

Life-threatening situations
put you in touch
with humanities fear.

If you don't like how a government is treating you then you have to accept the responsibility of Self-Government & Self-Determination.