Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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People who truly
have peace
in their heart,
manifest it
and live it.

My will
Gods' will.

When two are together
nothing bad can happen.

When you won't accept the world as it is, then get off your ass and change it. If you don't, then obviously what you're seeing as the world is the Unchangeable. One has to accept the Unchangeable.

Insecurity & stubbornness
is a formula for disaster.

Everything needs everything;
and we're still killing
each other?

The sillier
it sounds
the more
likely it is.

If I don't exist,
the world doesn't

If you want to photograph something in the light, you have to stand in darkness. When you stand in the light, you illuminate the darkness. Light appears to the mind as darkness.

Everything that comes out of me
comes from the Inner Source.
It has to be the Truth.
I didn't whale through
a mountain of books.
They would have
got in the way.

There needs to be a certain amount of Self-Awareness in order to live. If it isn't there you're not alive. You're a corpse that hasn't laid down yet.

Everyone alive has to be political
if they want to continue living.

is another

True knowledge
manifests as

Whatever you focus
the mind on with Love,
you become with Love.

Stick with
the basic, simple facts
and you cannot go wrong.

There is a fine line
between a madman and a genius.
In my case, I erased that line.

The Yogi finds the
Zero point within himself.

but the

Certain situations
create awareness.

When the
unknown manifests,
it's much better
than what
you risked.

There is no such thing
as personal feeling.
All feelings can be
traced back
to the same Source.

The world & you
appear and disappear

See the good,
the honest
& the true.

You can't get free
from what you
don't understand.

First comes understanding.
Second comes Peace.

Understand the
mechanics of the mind &
be free from its illusions.

War, never, ever,
bore the fruit of peace!