Friday, April 8, 2011


You're looking for an outer Guru
because you haven't found
the one within yourself.

Honest men always do
an honest days work,
no matter
what the profession.

The only man who
doesn't want anything
is the man who spends
his life giving.

If you are haunted by memories ~ forget them. If you remember something, don't forget to dismember it, else it haunt you.

If you have
no memories
how can
you forget?

Only forgetful people
have memories.

It's too late NOW.
Not tomorrow.
Not yesterday.
Not in my lifetime..

There is no such thing
as growth without commitment.

If you're not committed
to watering it,
don't grow it.

The reason you've
never heard of me before
is because
I am not marketable.

When the electricity goes out and the noise stops you will fly or die. At that point you will come to know me very well. After all, we all know that noise is a weapon fearful people use to try and drown out the silence.


The hallmark of
a free society is

You can't have endless possibilities if you are in debt. When you are in debt the possibilities are equivalent to the amount of debt you are in. Someone owns you!

There is no such thing as political correctness for a man who is a master of his mother tongue. Political correctness is language control. Control the language and you control the people.
My mother tongue is the language of silence.

Political correctness = Bullshit.
You can quote me on that!

I have been ignored
for many years.
On your deathbed
I will have your
full attention.

If you are your own best friend
then you are my best friend.
If you are your own worst enemy
then you are my worst enemy.

The only thing
I can say is
I AM, not I was.

Wherever you meet me,
your full potential
will manifest.