Monday, April 25, 2011


The difference
is in the depth.


In tune with
the times
which only
the Timeless
can be.

by greed &
lust for power.


It has got nothing to do
with the Government.
It's all about the people.
There is no such thing
as a Government
without the people.

Moral corruptness
manifest itself
as weakness

Cleaning house.
Out with the old,
in with the new.

Death of the Old World Order
is the birth of the New World Order.

have been living
& dying
since time

I like being anonymous.
I am the biggest
black hole
you will ever meet.
Get close to me
& I will suck you in.

One has to maintain
a certain level
of stress to walk upright.
That is the penalty
that man pays for
walking upright
on two legs.

Each President brings
his picture with him.

Meditation & scuba-diving are very similar. To spend time on the bottom, the scuba-diver has to remain in a peaceful state so he doesn't use up his air supply. The Guru does the same. He dives to the bottom of the Ocean of Consciousness and sits there peacefully.

are a
breeding ground
for problems.

Only a man
in debt
can be owned
by the master.

Debts & slavery
are inseparable.

Any fool
can get
into debt.

'Give a man enough rope
and he will hang himself'.

Our Society is cracking up
and no amount of Botox
will patch it up.

What creates Joy
in my heart
is knowing
that the Guru is
The Be-All and End-All of Everything.

Facts manifest
Joy in the heart.
Fiction manifests
suffering in the mind.

When you turn
on the light,
shadows disappear.

Shadow Governments cannot exist in the light. Shadow Governments consists of shadow people. Shadow people hang out in the shadows, watching you. They're called shadow-watchers. If you don't want them in your life, turn up your inner light so there are no shadows for them to hide in.

If you don't
want problems
in your life,
don't open the
door to them,
or better still,
don't create them
in the first place.