Monday, May 22, 2017


 Perhaps it was 10 years ago, maybe more, before we had a computer when the radio was our source of information & entertainment. Broadcasting out of New York City was a radio host who was (at that time) a 'shocking' sensation.  Rude, crude & vulgar were his trademarks. We would listen to him to see if he could be any more controversial than he was the day before. This one morning we were having breakfast with the radio on. There was a guest on the show who was having a dispute with the 'shock-jock' about something he was telling the host that he felt really strongly about..that he was really committed to.
"Bullshit!", said the shows' host.."If you were really committed, you'd tattoo it on your forehead!"

We couldn't believe what we were hearing. The shock of this led to fist bumps in the air and high 5's!

Take into account the fact that many years before, Guru Om had, in meditation, received this message. "Remember when you were a little boy at Blackpool and you were drowning? You said that if I saved your life you would do ANYTHING for me. Well, I want you to tattoo these symbols on your forehead. You will be my billboard! You will carry the formula for the Destruction of Ignorance for all the world to see! Without destruction how can there be Creation?"

For over  a year after the tattooing happened, Guruji would not leave the house very much and when he did, little old ladies would cross themselves when they saw him and say 'DIABLO!'  Or people would cross the street to avoid passing by him. One man walking through a parking lot with his dog saw Gurji and said to the dog, "You did not see that, it was a figment of your imagination!"

Often I would hear myself say, "Your loss will be your gain!" It took a while before that statement was changed to, "Your loss IS your gain!"

I often wondered why so few people would ask Guruji (perhaps 2 in 20 years) what the symbols meant or even ask the question, "Why would you do such a drastic thing as that?"  I asked one young woman. "Aren't you the least bit curious as to what the marks mean?" (I would have followed him down the street to catch up to him to ask, as I am, by nature, full of curiosity.) Her response was, "Oh, I didn't want to ask. I thought it was personal." When I told Guruji about this little encounter he said, "If it was personal I would have tattooed it on my ass!"

So dear 'shock-jock' Thanks for the validation!