Monday, June 22, 2009


Twenty years ago, I came to this country to warn people about future events. One of my main warnings was about DROUGHTS. These were my words, which I will repeat again, "Prepare yourselves for drought & starvation." The biggest and longest drought in recorded history is already happening right now, as you read. Hundreds of millions of people are going to die! I told people to investigate, and find out for themselves, what is the least amount of food & water they need to survive. If you have not already done this then my words will not be of much use to you. I cannot recall how many times I was laughed 'at' and I was told, in no uncertain terms, 'you are a fool, this is America. We are the richest, most powerful country on the planet. You'd be better off going to India or any other third-world country. They may take you more seriously there.'

I have given many warnings on numerous subjects over the past twenty years and have,invariably, been laughed at. Laugh at a man long enough and he will get used to it, as in my case.

As a child, much like other children, it was exciting to do quite dangerous things. For example: I was once about to walk on a wooden fence, pretending that I was a tight-rope walker. Upon seeing me, my mother said, "Get down off that bloody fence before you fall and hurt yourself!" I had no time for her warning, so my reply was, "I know what I'm doing; I'm not going to fall!" "Alright!" she replied. "You fall and hurt yourself, boy, do not come crying to me for sympathy because you bloody well won't get any!" Whereupon she stormed off. Two minutes later, I slipped and the wooden fence rose up at high-speed, right between my legs, and my 72 pound weight crushed my testicles on a hard piece of 4 X 2. After getting my 'wind' back, I ran in the farm-house shouting for my mother. "What the bloody hell is the matter with you?" she said. "I slipped and fell on the fence and the top wrung squashed mi willy". "Give me a look." she said. After much protesting, she pulled my short pants down. My testicles were already turning a radiant blue color and throbbing beyond belief. After inspecting them, she hauled off and gave me a belt in the lug and said, "Serve you bloody-well-right boy! Maybe next time, when you're given good advice, you will listen! Now bugger-off outside and find something less dangerous to do! Remember what I said to you, don't come crying to me. You will get no bloody sympathy from me!"

The moral of this story is; when you have given good advice & fair warnings, do not come crying to me. You will get no sympathy!

who laughs last,
laughs longest.

People with good management skills
have no time or use for 'good luck'.
Luck, good & bad, is for fools.

A man once said to me, "I lost it all!"
I asked him, "How?"
His reply was, "I had bad luck."
My reply was, "No sir, I refuse to accept that.
You are a loser, due to the lack of good management."

It would be very difficult to live on this Planet without money. For those of you who are up to your eyeballs in debt, it means, mismanagement of your finances which implies that your chances of survival are minimal. In the Outback of Australia, people who are in debt are labeled 'no-hopers'. Learn from these words; observe what they are pointing at. I know what I am talking about. I, too, am a 'no-hoper' but not because of debt. Hope is for the weak & unempowered. I have never lived my life based on a 'shred' of hope. I have always done what was necessary and omitted what was unnecessary. It's a great formula. The only problem is, it takes quite a bit of time to put into practice and Time is one of the luxuries you have very little left of.

Those who live in misery
die in misery.
Those who live a weak life
end up with a weak death.
Everyman dies how he lives.
That is a fact of life!

The Australian Aborigine has lived in Australia, according to Anthropologists, for a minimum of 40,000 years. How many droughts would you imagine that they have survived in that time-frame? When the white man first arrived, in Australia, he decimated the culture through disease, strychnine-laced flour, rape, plunder; even shot on sight like animals! Although there is nowhere near the population that there used to be, they have survived to this present day. Australia is facing the worst drought of the 'white fellas' recorded history. (which is approximately 100+ years.) I cannot see the 'white fella' surviving for 40,000 plus years.

I was in Giltraps Hotel at the bar and I heard a 'white fella' say to a 'black fella' "What are you black bastards still hangin' around here for?" The 'black fella' said to the 'white fella', "Someday you 'white bastards' are gonna need us black bastards to learn how to survive!"