Monday, June 22, 2009


How could I
heal myself
if I inflicted
torture on others?

Whoever hasn't
done their work
has run out of time.

When things
get bad enough,
you will care.

People who suffer
from the
illusion of choice
will not make it.

When things get bad enough
you will find out the hard way;
there are no choices in bad times.

Fantasies & illusions
are luxuries that you
can no longer afford.

Your indifference
to the suffering
of others will
bring suffering
to your door.

In (so-called) just wars there are Rules of Engagement. In wars (based on lies) there are no Rules of Engagement. That is a fact. That is where torture comes from. When masses of civilians are killed in war it is no longer war, it is terrorism. Those who commit torture will not go free. If they don't suffer, their families will. 'The sins of the father are on the head of the son.'

Any man, who is in debt, has to serve the master. Money-lenders are parasites. They live off your life force. Doctors are parasites. They live off disease. The dentists' wife bought her new dress and shoes out of tooth decay. No disease:No doctors. I have no use for a dentist whatsoever. I have no teeth!

Ill-gotten money
doesn't give gain.
It can only bring

I don't know!
(But the Planets do.)


There is an illusion
and there's the equation
for the illusion.

Sitting in the Space,
in the depths of Silence;
all mysteries are solved.

Only as a witness
can you control it all.

Control is an idea like any other idea. There's nothing wrong with the idea of control, but in all seriousness, when you can't control your own mind, (where everything happens), Your chances of success are quite slender.

'Growing up'
means going
beyond 'I want'.