Friday, June 12, 2009


A man was walking along a path and the Guru appeared next to him as a fellow traveler.
"Where are you going?" said the Guru.
"Down this path." said the traveler. Said the Guru, "It is not wise to continue in this direction. There is quicksand on this road."
"Thanks for letting me know." said the man, "But I'd like to find out for myself."
"Then you are an imbecilic fool!", said the Guru, and walked away.

A weak ego
is a curse!

The willingness to learn
from anothers' mistakes
is a blessing.

The fact that you are too weak & gutless to shatter the illusions of your own dreamworld does not bode well for you. What does it say about you when you don't even have the desire and intelligence to support a man who has?

Feed a dog once and it will be devoted to the man who fed it for the rest of
its life. Man has not even reached that stage yet! Believing you are better than the dog is an insult to the dog!