Tuesday, July 21, 2009


If you are not doing
what you love in life,
how can your expect
happiness to come to you?

My love manifests as

Destruction of ignorance is
the Birth of Enlightenment.

Each age has its' own laws of Nature, totally unique to it. Have you ever noticed the level of violence manifesting in Society (and that's with mans' laws in place.) What is it going to be like when Nature over-rides mans' laws, so they don't exist anymore.

Study the laws of a country and they will reveal the peoples weaknesses. The more laws, the weaker the Society.

There are
no such thing
as choices
for a
prisoner of the mind.
Whatever you are not aware of
is deciding & choosing for you
all the time.

Everyone lays on their deathbed each night. No one can guarantee that they are going to wake up in the morning.

Quick fixes
never work
for anyone.

If there's nothing
for fear to feed on,
then how can it
live with you?

All problems
are self-created.

Awareness is light.
Shine the light
on the shadows
of your life.

is as it
to be.

No one is who they imagine themselves to be. Stop imagining, and see yourself as you truly are.

The man who says
"I know who I am now"
is just as deluded
as the man who says,
"I don't know who I am".

Moths don't fly around
burnt-out candles.

Light creates fire.
Fire gives light.

Take the limited & dissolve it
in the unlimited & live.

Going beyond your
self-created limitations
is called incarnation.
Re-incarnation is nothing more than
recreating the same old problems.

is blindness,
not bliss.

Political Correctness:
Whoever controls the language
controls the people.

All forms
of dependency
end in misery.

Whoever controls the food & water supply controls the people. Where does the idea of freedom come into it?

Convince a prisoner
that he is actually free
and you won't have
any problems with him.

If you are interested
in finding out
whether a politician
is lying to you or not,
watch his tongue.
If it moves,
know that he is lying.

Once you stop
worrying about
know that you are
making progress.

The man
of wisdom
he is no better
than a dog.

If you want
to know the man,
study his dog.

Don't expect to receive
what you can't give.
If you want attention,
learn how to give it.

If you want my attention, you have to pay in a currency that I demand. I use the currency called ATTENTION!
Pay me 5% of your attention and you get 5% knowledge. Pay me 100% of your attention and get the lot.
Now, there's a challenge worth picking up.
At 4 years of age I was given this knowledge directly from within. No books or intermediaries were necessary. What was necessary were the right conditions.
The right conditions manifested as putting myself in the Atlantic Ocean, not knowing how to swim. After going down for the second time, I can assure you, my full attention was on God, or so I believed, until I went down for the third time and found the last remaining units of attention. In that moment,
I became 100% present and correct.

Once you are in that space of Unconditioned Love, do not allow anything to recondition it.

I love myself
in spite of,
not because of.

All of those who say,"Absolutely, I agree!" have no idea what I am talking about.
Only the man who has looked into the eyes of the God of Death will know what I am talking about. Never will he say, "I agree with you". He will simply have an inward smile on his face.

Death is psychological.
It is necessary for Birth.
Birth & Death depend on each other.

The root cause
of fear
Birth & Death.

is the tool of
emotional blackmail & fantasy.

Don't become an old shoe, just because they're comfortable.
Discipline your mind and break in the new.

For knowledge to manifest, a catalyst is required. A catalyst is that which causes direct transmutation without itself becoming contaminated.

Knowledge is also an addiction.
Wisdom is a necessity.

This Planet was highly capable of supporting, minimum, 12 Billion people, were we not to demand more than the basics. The more greed manifests, the less people the Planet is capable of supporting.
Once you hear people talking about the effects of Global Warming, know that it's already too late!

The Future
has a nasty habit
of rushing
into the Now.

There is no security in an insecure world. The world hangs by a thread. Deny it reality and be free of it.(but do not then expect it to give you anything,
other than the basics; which is all you are entitled to.)

It is not possible
to kill a man
who has
no fear of Death.

When people criticize
every word you utter,
it's a sure sign
that you're correct!

Right & wrong
Good & bad
Should & shouldn't
Holy & evil
are childish toys
that the mind
has not given up yet.

There is no such thing as unconscious.
Unconscious simply means not-remembering.

Beyond name, shape & form
there is no such thing as fear & loss.

I do not care who believes or disbelieves me.
Belief systems are for time and circumstance.
Better to prove me wrong.
In order to do that, you will have to dive into the Ocean of Love.
That action can only improve proof.

Do not sit
at the feet
of the mind.

To know God go beyond your concepts of Him.
Do not mistake your concept for the Real Thing!
The Real Thing will
chop of your head
with the sword of
Love & Compassion.

I manifest as a
Thief in the night.
Make sure you lock
up your ignorance or
I will steal it.
Don't forget, the key to the prison of ignorance is the same key that opens the door to freedom.

Knock and the door will be opened up unto you.
Attention is knocking.

Dreams are only echos
of your waking state.

A Societies indifference
to the suffering of others
will bring suffering
to that societies door.