Friday, July 31, 2009


There are things
in this life
that I will
never give up,
such as, the
War on Ignorance.
It's on the top
of my list!

There is
no conflict
in Unity.

And that's another thing
while we're at it ~

A concept
is a

The Gods & the demons are at war with each other; the demons are winning! "And on the news tonight, a bulletin reported that a women just ate her babys' brain!"

Recognize you &
you'll recognize me.
I come from the Silence
to set you free.

I am more free
than freedom itself.

Which is it to be?
Rose-colored glasses
or 'cheap sun-glasses'?
(ZZ Top)

See the world
as it is,
not as you would
like it to be.

In the world it is said, 'Whatever turns your juice on'. In my world, we say;

My success is
that I can live
with myself and have
Zero regrets.
Zero regrets!

I would like to think of myself as insignificant; no more than a speck of dust. I really would, but you explain to me the beatings. Why would any one want to beat a speck of dust? Why would anyone want to pit their will against a speck of dust? Why would a man, upon seeing a speck of dust, grab his girlfriends hand and pull her close to him?

If I am a speck of dust then why do I need to be held down? A few years back, a woman chased me out of her life with a carpet beater.

There is great comfort
in 'Right Understanding'.