Saturday, July 4, 2009


Understanding enables you
to put the picture together.

Once the last piece of the jigsaw puzzles is put in place, you can smile and enjoy it for a fleeting moment - then disassemble it.

The comedian and the audience
appear and disappear together
like the cigarette and the smoker.

If I am not taking care of myself
I can't take care of others.
(Truth be known, there is no such thing as 'others')

If you want the real
you have to give up the false.
Everything has its price.
You give up the world
every night when you
go to sleep.
What's the difference?

Just being aware of it
fixes it.

Soft beds put people to sleep.
A soft life does the same thing.
A hard life creates
great strength of character.

I am the wealthiest man
on this Planet.
What I am pointing you to
is what money cannot buy.

If your mind is Public Enemy #1,
how can you expect to have a happy life?
A peaceful mind is a happy mind.
A happy mind gives rise to a happy life.

is an

The whole society is parasitical.
Parasitical societies do not survive.

In these days of terror you need to ask yourself this question; what have I done in my life that qualifies me to survive? Ramblings and justifications do not the cake cut.

The next thing was
I had to go beyond it.

When you are told something very important to do with your life, as you know it; and it goes in one ear and out the other, then for sure there is nothing between your ears.

The laws of Nature that
govern this Planet;
man can break them
and suffer accordingly.
When Nature makes an exception
to one of her laws, you call it a miracle!

Put your laws before your Nature
and when they are good and just laws,
you will be good-natured.

The Universe
has cosmic orgasms.
You call that death.