Thursday, July 16, 2009


PhotobucketLife is like a fishing net.
Focus on the whole,
not on the net.
That is what the fish does.
Even a fish
has that ability.

If there is a hole for it to get in
then there is a hole for it to get out.

A mirror doesn't care
who looks into it.

Radical change
radical action.

is a unique
form of insanity.

One cannot know the Self,
they can only be the Self.

It takes great courage
to live
without belief systems.

The root cause
of all fear is

Suffering will never end
until the cause is removed.

There are no problems without incorrect information. Incorrect information creates confusion and conflict which causes negativity. Negativity, in turn, manifests as war, destruction and death.

is based
on a false
point of reference.

In between
fight or flight
lies peace.


Courage doesn't float
on the ocean
like seaweed.
One has to go
to the bottom
to discover it.

God gives the tools.
The Guru teaches you
how to use them.
You do the work.

True happiness
is the ability
to give up
what you don't need.

A peaceful mind
is the basis of
a joy-filled life.

If you take the lesser,
you cannot have the greater.

Death is not of the being.
It is the death of time.

True power
comes from
belief in myself.

One can only be free
from what one understands.

The switch that turns the TV off
is the same switch that
turns the interest on.