Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In the Outback, sheep dogs are very, very hard-working dogs. They run around sheep all day in 120 degrees. (And you think you're better than a dog?)
Let me give you an insight into a working dogs' life. A 'Cockie' (farmer) took 8 healthy 'Kelpies' out to work the paddocks. They didn't work very well; they let the seep run in all directions. At the end of the day, he put the dogs in the back of his Ute and took them home. When he got home he took out his rifle and shot the laziest dog in front of all the other dogs. There is no such thing as a lazy 'working-dog'!

"I haven't seen your red Kelpie lately. You used to have it tied up in your Ute when you went into Giltraps for a few beers?"
"No mate. It was lazy. I shot the bastard. I gave it an injection of lead!"
"So how's your old lady, Jack? I haven't seen her in town for a while.