Saturday, August 29, 2009


If I can't change it
why get involved in it?

You can only
be as deep
as your thinking.

The way
to deal with pain
is head-on;
no crutches
or supports.

The old world,
from the
standpoint of Reality,
I created it
so, therefore,
I am able
to destroy it.

There is no such thing as joy in the world.
The joy is in you.
Once you get deep inside yourself,
one word can trigger it.

Laziness is a crime against humanity. Don't blame lack of energy for a mental condition.The cure is called 'attitude-adjustment. Mental chiropractics.

there are no

Were you to want to time-travel,
you have to free yourself
from the prison of Time.

Masters of Time
are Time-less.
They can appear
& disappear any
time they so choose.

A Master of Time
has one foot
in this world
& one foot in the void.