Monday, August 17, 2009


What is tattooed on my head
is a formula for the
Destruction of Ignorance.

In a Society that has had everything
and expects more; the unexpected will
cause misery and disappointment.

Indifference to the suffering of others
will bring suffering to your door.

One is in the world asleep,
imagining they are awake.
(Should you not believe me
then ask yourself this question,
at any moment you care to;
"If this is the happiest
that I will ever be,
is that alright?"

The simpler
the better.

Existence is dependent on
knowing and not knowing.
Beyond existence there is
no such thing as 'I know'-
'I don't know.'

I have
can't buy.

I live in a
self-supporting world.
Once you are
fully aware of
your actions,
they are all

I didn't mean
to do so many things
in my life.
I just couldn't
the challenge!

There is no world
without the word.
In the beginning
was the word.