Thursday, August 13, 2009


Free speech is a right.
It is not a privilege.
Rights are like muscles,
if you don't use them
you lose them.

tell yourself
the Truth.
If you don't,
how will you
recognize it
when it is
presented to you?

The only way
to know the unknown
is to dive into it.
Before you do that,
know one thing.
There is no guarantee
that you will come out of it.
The only man who will do that
is one that has nothing to lose.

Going to war
for the
dominant culture;
culture wars.

It's obvious to me that the WWI was not enough.
It's obvious to me that WWII was not enough.
It's obvious that the Vietnam war was not enough.
When is enough, enough?

keeps moving on.
doesn't wait


There is no difference
between yourself
and your relationships.
All relationships
are built on the
foundation of

You cannot give to others
what you cannot give yourself.
You cannot do for others
what you cannot do for yourself.
The notion of helping others is false.

You are your own
judge and jury.
If you believe
you have done
something wrong
then you will
punish yourself
to a degree
that you believe
fits the crime.

People who sit in judgment of others
are sitting in judgment of themselves,
hence, 'Judge not lest you be judged.'

One can only
do to others
what they are
doing to

In Reality there are no such things as mistakes.
See them as experiments and be free of them.
If the experiment works, integrate it into your life.
If the experiment fails, don't keep repeating it,
otherwise it will manifest as insanity.

When you see it,
hear it,
feel it,
know it to be
your duty
to take care of it.

There is no such thing as 'your problem' or 'my problem'. There are self-created problems that belong to all of us. Sweeten up the environment by not creating problems, real or otherwise.