Monday, August 31, 2009


God is the Orchestrator
of all comings & goings.

Terrorists survive on fear. Once you find out what you are prepared to die for, then fear will have no control over your decision-making abilities.

The world is only as real
as ones' Sense of Reality.

The world & you
appear & disappear

If you imagine that
you were born,
you will need a world
to be born into.
Likewise with death.

Everyone creates
their own problems
by allowing
thought vibrations
to continually
reside in the mind,
rotting & festering.

If you are in debt, why wouldn't you have problems? Debt creates problems. Debt implies that you've spent more energy than you have. How long can you keep that up? In this day and age, a debt-free man is a roaring success. A poor man, not in debt, is in a much better position than a rich man up to his eyeballs in debt.