Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A good man
knows when
he's had enough.

Without the Earth
Man cannot survive.

Out of my love
for the Earth,
I voted for

What great men do
small men follow.

Great men do the right thing.
That's what makes them great.

Notice my language is simple and child-like. It is designed to help you, not confuse you. Although my words are simple, a complicated mind will not be able to comprehend them.

There is no such thing
as over-simplification.

For an experiment to succeed,
the timing has to be right.

To prisoners of time; time dictates what time you get up and what time you go to bed. Time dictates all of your actions.

A timeless beings is not bound by time. He is not a prisoner of time; yet at the same time, he can live and work among you. He could ask you what time it is and you still wouldn't recognize him. He comes here and lives among you, knowing fully the pain and misery he is going to experience. He does this for your upliftment. Never will he introduce a conversation about spirituality. In fact, he is so grounded, if asked, you would say he is not spiritual.

A timeless being
is an incarnation
of compassion.

This Planet, Earth,
is made up of 4 basic elements;
Earth, Water, Fire & Air.
Man's body comes out of the Planet.

Do not expect the Earth
to support you
in your hour of need.

Whatever is going to happen
is going to happen.
The only thing that you have,
that is worth anything,
is your attitude

I am a water adept.
I have the power to lead you
to the water but I cannot
force you to drink.
That has to come
from your thirst.

There is
no end

What's it
going to take?

Mans' greed for power
will be his downfall.

The TV is a programming tool.
Televisions & programming
are inseparable.
You are programmed
to watch the programs.

Introduce the mind
to the ultimate
and it will always
return to it.