Saturday, September 12, 2009


The Earth cannot keep producing
at the rate Man is using.

In the worldly sense,
I am not very available.
On the Quantum level,
I am closer to you than your breath.

This one
is the

Whatever is born
can never fully
support you.
I am the unborn
and I fully support.
Without my support
you would collapse.

What use
is a house
without a

Knowledge gained
through sacrificing
oneself to Digambara
is the only secure
foundation to build
a potent life upon.

The power on non-movement
is what causes movement.

In a climate of fear,
a man carrying
the Power of Love
is highly visible.

A programmed mind
cannot investigate
its' own nature.

You don't have to die
to start a new life.

There is a spark of life within everyone, otherwise one could not live. That spark is your soul. It's yours, all yours, no one can take it away from you. Those who don't look after it, lose it.