Saturday, September 5, 2009


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Bad feelings
are not
pleasant things
to carry around.

Forgive them for they
know not what they do.

You don't have to do
what I've done in life.
I've already done it.

If you have a sweet tooth,
you're welcome to eat the
fruits of my labor.

Why people can't fly
is because
they are attached
to the Earth.


Thoughts shaped my life
until the silence manifested.

No thought,
no shape
or form ~
Thought-free, shapeless & formless.

Preachers preach.
I live it.

Stop seeing yourself
as the performer of actions
and you will find out that
coming and going is Godly.

The road to freedom
lies beyond labels.

When you've convinced yourself
that there is no where to go,
then you'll always be home.

undiluted attention

Whether you're stuck with no money
or stuck with all the money in the world,
stuck is stuck.

Once mankind ceases
to care about
his own kind ~
he can no longer
The street man
will be the death
of all of you.

You don't look for,
You look at.

Any fool can sabotage.
A wise man destroys.
That is the challenge!

Whatever you
can't control
is good for you.
Enjoy it!

When you don't want anything
where is the need for time?